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The growing food industry stimulates the transformation and upgrading of the blow molding machine industry

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-19
Plastic hollow containers are widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical industries because of their light weight, low price and high safety. However, most of the bottle blowing machine enterprises in my country are small and medium-sized enterprises, lacking technical strength and self-development ability, and it is difficult to achieve technology-intensive large-scale production and meet the ever-changing market demand. For the development of blow molding machines, the trend of intelligent and data-based equipment is imperative. The current product level of my country's bottle blowing machinery manufacturing industry is distributed in a pyramid shape, with a large number of low-level repeated production products at the bottom, and relatively few high-end products. According to the data, there are nearly 1,000 professional bottle blowing machine manufacturers in the country, of which more than 300 are not stable enough, and nearly 10% of them change production or close down every year. There are only more than 10 companies with output value and sales exceeding 100 million yuan, and less than 30 companies with annual sales exceeding 30 million yuan. 75% of the export products in the industry are produced by these 30 companies. Confused about the development of the blow molding machine industry With the continuous growth of the food industry, the food and beverage packaging industry has also expanded. It also stimulated the blow molding machine industry. my country's current bottle blowing machine industry is facing several major problems: 1. Bottle blowing machine enterprises urgently need to develop in the direction of green, environmental protection, quality optimization and high energy. How to better develop the blow molding machine industry around the purpose of safety, health and environmental protection. In the 21st century with serious pollution, only in combination with environmental protection and zero pollution can the blow molding machine industry continue to grow and develop. Second, the blow molding machine industry is currently concentrated in Taizhou, Cangzhou and Foshan. Although small and large, it is not enough to compete with the international market. my country's bottle blowing machine enterprises need to build branding. Only by building a brand can the blow molding machine go abroad and go to the world. Third, the secondary utilization of the blow molding machine. Due to the high price of new blow molding machines, used blow molding machines have become the first choice for small-scale small businesses. However, because it is second-hand, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the seller cannot provide warranty, so some orders are restricted. It is imminent to set up a special trading platform for second-hand blow molding machines. Now, we are entering the era of intelligence and dataization. The arrival of big data provides us with infinite space for phenomena in the future. For the development of blow molding machines, the trend of intelligent and data-based equipment is imperative. Domestic blow molding machines should establish a product quality index system that is compatible with international standards or standards of industrially developed countries, and implement them in the entire process of design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, commissioning, and service. To license production, enterprises should strengthen quality awareness and quality management. For the intelligence of the blow molding machine, it is to make the blow molding machine more intelligently complete more work, reduce the investment of human resources, and make the plastic bottle blowing process more convenient, so that the users of the blow molding machine equipment can obtain it with the least investment. bigger returns. For the digitization of blow molding machines, blow molding machine manufacturers need to invest more energy. Through the collection and analysis of terminal big data production data, the production of blow molding machines can form big data. In the future, the production of the blow molding machine will produce guidance, which will have a positive effect on the future development and improvement of the blow molding machine. As a traditional industry, the blow molding machine industry has been in a relatively slow development situation for a period of time in the past. Now, with the continuous emergence of new technological knowledge, blow molding machine manufacturers need to integrate with updated thinking.
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