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The gap between bottle blowing machine industry in China and abroad and the reasons

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-23
In recent years, the bottle blowing machine industry has developed rapidly in our country, but is far can not adapt to the needs of the development of national economy. The main problem is low excess bottle blowing machine, high-grade bottle blowing machine is in short supply, and must rely on imports. Bottle blowing machine, therefore, enterprises must find their weaknesses and our gap with foreign counterparts are mainly in the following five aspects. Raw material problem restricted by cost, domestic bottle blowing machine with 2 cr13 and 3 cr13 precision heat treatment, while abroad with special bottle blowing machine materials DINI, 2316, the comprehensive mechanical properties and wear resistance, corrosion resistance and polishing brightness is better than that of domestic materials. The bottle blowing machines made in China radically affect the appearance quality and service life. Manufacturing technology level of domestic production of bottle blowing machine factory, process conditions is uneven, the gap is very large. Many manufacturers due to form a complete set of equipment is not a lot of work rely on done by hand, the serious influence the precision and quality. Bottle blowing machine design system in some domestic manufacturers are using the computer aided design ( CAD) And computer aided manufacturing technology ( CAM) , but still stay in the stage of introduction, digestion and absorption, it is difficult to form a mature theoretical guidance and design system. Therefore, the standard bottle blowing machine design software system development is the top priority. Bottle blowing machine debug level in terms of its nature belong to tooling, production of qualified products is the ultimate goal. Therefore, the quality of bottle blowing machine, the performance inspection on test results. Domestic bottle blowing factory for the delivery date is short, try mold equipment limited, often put quality inspection work on the user test, easy to cause the user a lot of loss and waste. And because the die by time, space limitation, is often difficult to debug the best. And some foreign good companies have their own test venues and equipment, can be used to simulate the working conditions of the user test, so can in the shortest possible time to achieve very good effect. Our bottle blowing machine production enterprises supporting system used in production of scientific research, and neglect with other equipment suppliers and raw materials suppliers. Virtually users go many detours. Our bottle blowing factory and other manufacturers and major research institutes work together, to create the best products for users to create greater profits, there is hope to create a broad space for development.
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