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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-13
There are many varieties of plastic bottles with different functions. Plastic bottles have small specific gravity, are easy to color, and have strong plasticity. They can be made into various shapes of bottles and are low in price. They are suitable for large-scale production. In order to increase the decorative effect of plastic bottles, in addition to bottle printing, you can also print Coloring materials are added during production for coloring treatment to make bottles of various colors. Metal vapor dyeing method, gold plating method and thermal printing method can also be used for surface decoration to meet the needs of different grades of packaging. When packaging various cosmetic waters in plastic bottles, the bottle types, colors, transparency and various decorations used vary greatly. To highlight the characteristics of the product and promote sales. For example, when transparent glass bottles are used for packaging, generally only simple line printing is performed to highlight the clear and transparent characteristics of the product to attract consumers. When plastic bottles of various colors are used for packaging, printing on the bottle body or labeling is generally used for decoration. To convey product information. Win the favor of consumers. Carry out novel bottle shape and bottle cap design, and at the same time match the bottle body pattern to express the characteristics of the product to arouse consumers' curiosity and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Sometimes, color-printed cartons, window cartons and plastic bottles are combined to form a sales package. The application range of plastic materials and their composite materials in cosmetic packaging is getting wider and wider, and the shape design of packaging containers, especially plastic bottles, tends to be diversified. Plastic packaging containers are mostly obtained by the film molding method, and their shape is mainly determined by the molding method and the mold used, which facilitates the manufacture of various special-shaped bottles. There are many types of plastic packaging containers with different functions. The material of plastic containers determines its basic characteristics [4]. Plastic bottles commonly used for packaging cosmetics mainly include polyethylene bottles (blow molding), polyvinyl chloride bottles (injection molding, stretch blow molding), polyester bottles (stretch blow molding), and polystyrene bottles (injection blow molding). Plastic molding), polypropylene bottles (extrusion blow molding), etc. With the continuous introduction of new technologies and new products, plastic containers have acquired the transparent characteristics that only glass had in the past, making plastic products unique in the cosmetic packaging market. 3.1.1 Transparent polypropylene (CPP) plastic bottles The development of transparent polypropylene (CPP) packaging bottles has been a hot spot for plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. Compared with other transparent plastic resins, CPP has good gloss and transparency, and is highly appreciated and popular. 3.1.2 Transparent Poly PET Plastic Bottles Transparent Poly PET plastic bottles have now become the packaging containers used by daily chemical and cosmetics manufacturers. Some companies and brands such as Naaisi, Blue Moon, Kaimi, Watsons and other companies and brands have taken the lead in using PET packaging containers in their shower gels, skin care products, and detergents. PET is a high-strength, high-transparent plastic bottle produced by a stretch blow molding process. The commonly used capacity can range from tens of milliliters to several liters; it has good transparency and gloss, good plasticity, impact resistance, and Dimensional stability, good chemical properties, good gas barrier properties; soft touch and other advantages. 3.1.3 PETG plastic bottles PETG plastic bottles have a good application prospect in the packaging of cosmetics and personal care products. Its outstanding advantages are: surface gloss, comfortable hand feel, gorgeous color and transparent tone, chemical resistance, impact resistance and good toughness. After anti-UV treatment, the transparency remains unchanged. And its easy-to-process, recyclable and environmentally friendly performances are more in line with the requirements of modern manufacturers. At present, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the outer packaging of products, which makes cosmetic packaging design more and more important. In order to achieve beautiful appearance, good texture and durability, designers have put forward high requirements, and the good processing performance of PETG makes the design concept possible. 3.1.4 Nano-material plastic bottles Add a certain proportion of nano-materials to the raw materials for the production of plastic containers, which can improve the chemical properties of plastic containers. It has greater barrier properties, chemical resistance, and UV resistance. Improved, the toughness of the container has also been strengthened, while reducing a certain cost, the product is competitive. Such as: polyamide 6 nano-plastics. It is a high-end packaging film material, polyester PET and PBT nanoplastics, with flame retardant properties and relatively pure barrier properties. It replaces the expensive polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) resin and meets the requirements of food packaging. Used to blow beer and cosmetic packaging bottles. 3.1.5 Antibacterial plastic bottles The development of antibacterial plastic bottles for packaging can inhibit the generation of bacteria on the surface of the container. The inorganic metal (Ag) antibacterial agent is uniformly dispersed in the blow molding bottle, and the antibacterial plastic container produced by the improved blow molding process has the characteristics of long antibacterial time, antibacterial effect and good antibacterial spectrum. The product has been tested and the antibacterial rate is above 99%. The product is very popular in the market. It can be widely used in cosmetic packaging. 3.1.6 Glass polymer plastic bottleGlass polymer material has a crystal-like transparent texture, which can be almost arbitrarily colored, has fewer processing steps than glass products, and the price is not high, which can greatly save costs. It has high strength and is not easy to break. A safe packaging material. This material can be used to produce products with variable wall thickness like glass products, while maintaining the characteristics of clearness and transparency, which is often mistaken for glass packaging.
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