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The function of energy-saving blow molding machine creates brilliance

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-21
The function of the energy-saving blow molding machine creates a brilliant design structure, including the preform conveying device, the annular preheating drying tunnel device, the control system, the preform forming device and the mold opening and closing device; it also includes the preform conveying device and the annular preheating drying device. A preform distribution and positioning device and a preform feeding manipulator are installed in sequence between them, and a preform feeding manipulator is installed between the preform outlet of the annular preheating drying tunnel device and the preform forming device. The side of the annular conveying is equipped with a bottle taking manipulator. The preform of this kind of bottle blowing machine is transferred from the preform conveying device to the annular preheating drying tunnel, and then two preforms are taken out from the annular preheating drying tunnel and adjusted to The distance between the two formed preforms during stretch and blowing is the same, and the pre-set procedures are used when taking the bottle, which is completed by a microcomputer-controlled motor or a manipulator at one time. Features of the automatic bottle blowing machine: 1. The production process is fully automated, and multiple machines can be combined into a fully automatic production line at the same time. The entire production process does not require manual contact with preforms or finished bottles. 2. This series of machines is suitable for blowing 30ml-5 liters of cold and hot filling plastic bottles or other plastic containers. 3. The control system is equipped with an automatic fault reporting function; when the operation is wrong or a fault occurs, the computer will display and issue an alarm. 4. The heating of the preform by the infrared lamp is controlled by the method of constant pressure and temperature regulation. The heating of the preform is appropriate, correct and not chaotic, and is not affected by the change of the input voltage. 5. Each heating area is provided with independent segmented temperature control; the position and interval of lamps and reflectors in the heating area can be adjusted according to the different shapes and sizes of the preforms to achieve the ideal heating effect 6. This series of machines can be matched with two-chamber double-stretching cylinder, three-chamber three-stretching cylinder, four-chamber four-stretching cylinder or six-chamber six-stretching cylinder according to different product needs. Stretching the cylinder to meet the different needs of machine adjustment or mold trial.
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