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The domestic current situation of the development of bottle blowing machine briefly

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-15
Blow molding is a useful method of manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products, main products are tube membrane and hollow container. Blow molding machine could make preforming products plasticization by heating, and then enter the blow mould make type, this method is mainly used for high speed high production of PET bottles and BOPP bottles of production, namely two step process; Blow molding can also be combined with injection molding process become injection blowing machine, this also is the commonly used method in the production of PET containers; Blow molding process can also be combined with extrusion process, adapt to a broader range of extrusion blow molding equipment, can produce the products is also more abundant, products including multi-layer composite membrane and all kinds of polyolefin hollow container, widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industry. Hollow container molding machine one-step blowing molding process, and ldpe-g-nvp was mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container. Both have different characteristics, are widely used. Ldpe-g-nvp was more suitable for concentrated in the production of bottle preform, scattered blowing bottles * bottle factory production mode; The one-step equipment to meet the online production of beverage enterprise. Therefore, at present China ldpe-g-nvp equipment main users are a professional PET bottle factory, and one-step equipment mainly tingyi, wahaha beverage production enterprise. PET bottle blowing machine according to the bottle of billet heating mode is divided into two kinds of rotating and linear. Rotary bottle blowing machine capacity, high speed, complex design, price is higher also. A typical rotary bottle blowing machine is French SIDEL SBO series, our its SBO24 bottle blowing machine production reached more than 20000 bottles per hour; Linear bottle blowing machine is the typical representative of the Japanese ASB and AOKI, generally speaking, this kind of machine design is relatively simple, but production will form the bottleneck, it is difficult to more than 6000 bottles per hour. Temperature control is directly related to plasticizing evenness, is a key to the success or failure of the blow molding products. The design of the mould and hot runner and accuracy, but also decide the quality of the product quality. China currently used in production of PET bottle injection of basic blowing equipment is imported products in the world, especially in high speed and large volume production, domestic equipment couldn't compete. It is worth mentioning that is capable of producing large capacity PET hot filling bottle of bottle blowing machine manufacturer, rarely seems to only ASB repeatedly bottle blowing process gain satisfying effect. With the rise of cold aseptic filling technology, a new round of battle and bottle blowing machine market will be opened. Now west of one-step bottle blowing machine has a foothold in Beijing huiyuan juice factories, but it doesn't mean the two steps of bottle blowing machines did not have the chance. Crowded blowing hollow container production equipment of materials more flexible, it can produce PE, PS, PVC, a variety of materials such as PC container, product application fields are also more widely. Three-quarters of blow molding products on the market is made by the extrusion blow molding. Crowded blowing method can produce a few ml of ophthalmic bottle, also can be processed more than 1000 l tray or tons of the barrel. At present China's crowded blowing hollow container production equipment has been completely can satisfy the need. Jas qi, for example, the company's crowded blowing equipment has formed series, can produce 200 l under all kinds of blow molding containers, and to develop the mould labeling extrusion blow molding machine, the products are widely used in cosmetics and lubrication oil, etc.
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