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The difference between blow molding process and injection molding process of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-28
Many friends are inquiring about how to distinguish between injection molded parts and blow molded parts of child safety seats. At first, they didn't pay much attention. Until recently, they found that many businesses were mixing up the two materials. Honestly, in terms of safety, if the structure is properly designed and can pass safety-related certifications and tests. Consumers do not need to worry about the differences in these materials because injection molding and blow molding are two different processes and materials, each with their own characteristics and advantages. But in terms of cost, many businesses confuse the two processes for unreasonable profits. I don't think it's great, so today we're going to talk about injection and blow molding of car seats and how to differentiate. One: The molding process principle of blow molding and injection molding. Blow molding is to put the extruded molten plastic blank into a mold, blow it with compressed air and stick it to the cavity wall, and harden it into a plastic part after cooling. The material is mostly HDPE (just show notes below). Injection molding is the use of the screw or plunger of an injection machine through the nozzle of the injection machine, and the casting system of the mold to create a melt in the barrel, which is then injected into the cavity to be cured. Therefore, the compressive strength and toughness of the injection molding mold are better, and PP granular materials are basically used. (Just show comments below). In other words: blow molded products are hollow, injection molded products are solid. The injection mold has good texture, accurate size and better compression resistance. PP particles have the advantages of good shapeability, not easy to deform, strong flexibility, resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance, which is why injection molding is more popular. Two: The application and advantages and disadvantages of blow molding of safety seats. As can be seen from the molding process, blow molding is suitable for producing products with simple structures. In safety seat applications such as angle adjustable seats and detachable seats that cannot be partially adjusted or otherwise reduced in size, basically blow molding; and the injection molding process can be used for Manufacture of safety seats with more complex structures, such as headrests, adjustable horizontal swivel, adjustable sitting and lying positions, and functions such as folding. Advantages and disadvantages of blow molding: Advantages: simple structure, lighter seat; low price. Disadvantages: The function is relatively simple; the surface appearance is not very good, and the product grade is low. Advantages and Disadvantages of Injection Molding: Advantages: Accurate dimensions, beautiful surface; seat can perform more functions; improved comfort; increased pressure and impact resistance Disadvantages: seat is heavier; due to lower cost of blow molding equipment Higher cost Most low-end domestic safety seats (including many mid-end foreign brands) use blow molding technology. Of course, many of these products have passed ECE testing. Three: How to distinguish blow molding products from injection molding products 1. Look at the material: Usually, blow molding or injection molding can be roughly distinguished by looking at whether the product is made of HDPE or PP. PP has the advantages of not easy to deform, impact resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, injection molding. This material is commonly used, white is prettier and more expensive. Blow molding is basically made of HDPE, which is cheap, uses less material and has a black appearance. Therefore, be sure to ask the main material of the chair when purchasing. 2. Look at the price: It can be said that most of the safety seats below 1500 are blow-molded, and most of them are injection-molded above 1500. Of course, it is not excluded that individual manufacturers use blow molding materials to manufacture and sell injection molding prices. Because the purchase cost of blow molding equipment is much lower than that of injection molding equipment, the second blow molding process is simple, the mold development cost is also low, and of course the materials used are relatively cheap. Most injection-molded safety seats are above 1500, and the price of foreign brands is even higher. 3. Observe the surface: the surface of the blow-molded product is less soft and rough, and the surface is uneven and burr. As a result, blow-molded seats are mostly made of black plastic, which is imperceptible to the naked eye. If it is found to be black, it must be carefully distinguished whether it is blow molded or not. The surface of the injection-molded product is smooth, the texture is better than that of the blow-molded product, and the pressure resistance is better than that of the blow-molded product. High-end car seats will use white PP material, which will prevent secondary return material more effectively than black due to the use of return material. Black-gray spots will appear on the plastic color, and the use of black materials can effectively avoid identification. This is one of the reasons why we recommend using more expensive injection molded products. After all, peace of mind is the most important thing. 4. Pay attention to weight: Because blow molded parts are hollow, injection molded parts are solid, and weight is an easily distinguishable element. The net weight of blow-molded safety seats is mostly below 7.5kg, while the net weight of injection molded products is usually above 10kg. Also note that some merchants incorrectly state the net weight, so you must ask carefully.
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