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The development of the plastic machine industry, the bottle blowing machine industry market,

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-13
First, because China’s annual output of plastic machinery ranks first in the world, it has a significant impact on the world’s plastic machinery market; the second is because China’s plastic machinery exports continue to increase and the total value of exports continues to rise, thus making the global plastic machinery market. New changes have taken place in the pattern; third, because of the obvious advantages of China's plastic machines, not only the quality of the products is assured, but also the high cost performance, which is quite competitive in foreign markets; fourth, because the development speed of Chinese plastic machines has amazed the world's peers , And the adjustment of the industrial structure continues to speed up, the product grades continue to improve, and it is participating in international competition on a larger scale, broader field, and higher level. For plastic bottles and plastic barrels, in fact, there is no very strict boundary. The biggest difference between the two is mainly in capacity. Generally called plastic bottles under 1L, plastic barrels above 5L. Between 1-5, it is often called both a plastic bottle and a plastic bucket. However, for manufacturers, there is a more obvious difference between the manufacturers of plastic bottles and plastic barrels. Plastic barrel manufacturers generally do not make plastic bottles, and plastic bottle manufacturers generally concentrate on bottle production. This is mainly because the bottle production is mainly blow molding machines, while the plastic barrels are mainly blow molding machines. There is a big difference in the machine structure. The new trend of full automation in the development of the blow molding machine industry highlights the new trend of the blow molding machine market is fully entering the era of automation, with the transformation and upgrading of the downstream market and increasing labor costs. Automated and integrated bottle blowing machine has become the first choice of many manufacturers. This has forced blow molding machine manufacturers to start to find ways to abandon traditional product types and focus on the fully automatic blow molding machine market. The production of fully automatic bottle blowing machines requires strong Ru0026D strength and more experience accumulation for manufacturers. This makes some small blow molding machine manufacturers seem unable to do what they want. Compared with the equipment produced by foreign companies, there is a certain gap in the technology of the blow molding machine. This has a lot to do with the slow start of the domestic plastic machine industry. Only the whole process of design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, commissioning, and service is emphasized. National production standards improve the production technology of the domestic plastic machine industry. The automatic bottle blowing machine does not require manual participation in the entire production process, and basically realizes automatic production. The automatic bottle blowing machine adopts an intelligent control system to ensure production efficiency. The body part is heated and softened. In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the preform mouth does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it. In addition, multiple machines can be combined to a fully automatic production line at the same time, which greatly reduces labor costs. Because of its characteristics, many PET packaging companies choose to purchase fully automatic blow molding machines to achieve continuous production. In fact, in addition to this surface factor, the automatic blow molding machine also has an automatic fault reporting function. When the operation is wrong, the machine program will display and sound the corresponding alarm; the mold replacement is very convenient, and there is no need to adjust the capacity again within the range of the corresponding machine. Mold thickness. In addition to the above points, it also has some other advantages, which are not listed here. Although the full-automatic blow molding machine has a strong momentum of development, there are still some problems, and it is also facing market opportunities and challenges. Bottle blowing machine manufacturers also need to continuously invest in Ru0026D costs and develop new products. For some old machines, they must appropriately adjust the product structure, eliminate models with low productivity, high energy consumption, and lagging products, and do a good job in product upgrading. From the perspective of the current beverage packaging bottle industry, while the development of fruit juices, functional beverages, teas, bottled drinking water and carbonated beverages, it will gradually move towards low-sugar or sugar-free beverages and pure natural and dairy-containing products. The direction of sex beverages is too high. By then, the bottle blowing machine industry will inevitably shift to the industry standards of green environmental protection, profit compression, brand sales, high quality, high efficiency, and low energy consumption. This will be an inevitable trend in the development of the PET packaging industry. The blow molding machine manufacturers must make corresponding changes in advance to adapt to the market development. Whoever can continuously meet the needs of PET packaging businesses will be invincible in the blow molding machine industry. , And even go abroad to compete with international brands. Blow molding machine industry is striding forward to high-end level. Since its development, blow molding machines have been rapidly adopted by all walks of life. They are due to their long life, large clamping force, oil-free air bag clamping technology and less force in toggle operation. The distinctive features and highlights of the more rigorous and convenient sealing technology and the easier to operate and more reliable PLC material touch screen. Through an overall analysis of the industry dynamics, everyone can clearly understand the big development direction of the blow molding machine industry. Innovation is the eternal power of sustainable development. The meaning of innovation understood by plastic film blowing machine manufacturers does not only refer to technology and product innovation, but also includes broader and deeper connotations such as management, system and corporate culture. Under the background of significant changes in the market demand structure and the macroeconomic environment, plastic film blowing machine manufacturers have entered a new stage of development with continuous innovation and a new look, producing products that are more in line with market needs. The application range of the film blowing machine is mainly determined by the different materials. For example, the film produced by the PP film blowing machine is suitable for various supermarket shopping bags, bacteria bags, etc. The hardness is relatively large, and the requirements for stretch and brightness are not high. The film blown out by high-pressure PE is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bags, and the recycled film is suitable for all kinds of garbage bags, etc. The film blowing machine is widely used in various industries.
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