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The development of the blow molding machine market needs to incorporate new thinking

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-14
Now, more and more bottle blowing machine manufacturers have begun the pace of internationalization, and almost all bottle blowing machine manufacturers will have full-time foreign trade sales managers. Indeed, the overseas market has a broader development space for bottle blowing machine manufacturers. The blow molding machine industry is entering the era of intelligence and data. Now, we are entering the era of intelligence and data. The arrival of big data provides us with infinite space for phenomena in the future. For the development of blow molding machines, the trend of intelligent and data-based equipment is imperative. For the intelligence of the blow molding machine, it is to make the blow molding machine more intelligently complete more work, reduce the investment of human resources, and make the plastic bottle blowing process more convenient, so that the users of the blow molding machine equipment can obtain it with the least investment. bigger returns. For the digitization of blow molding machines, blow molding machine manufacturers need to invest more energy. Through the collection and analysis of terminal big data production data, the production of blow molding machines can form big data. In the future, the production of the blow molding machine will produce guidance, which will have a positive effect on the future development and improvement of the blow molding machine. As a traditional industry, the blow molding machine industry has been in a relatively slow development situation for a period of time in the past. Now, with the continuous emergence of new technical knowledge, blow molding machine manufacturers need to integrate with updated thinking. It is very important for bottle blowing machine companies to build an after-sales service system. In addition to finding out the parameters of the overseas market, it is necessary to adjust the products in time. Another magic weapon for conquering overseas markets is after-sales service. For a person who wants to invest in setting up a plastic bottle factory, buying a blow molding machine with high cost performance, stable quality and timely service is an urgent need to solve. For blow molding machines, many companies are unfamiliar with the introduction of after-sales mechanisms. Therefore, how to understand the problems encountered by customers in the process of use is particularly critical, and what is more important is the follow-up of the later service of this machine. This is hard to understand. For a long time, foreign blow molding machine companies such as sidel have always been technologically ahead of domestic blow molding machines. After nearly 30 years of development, domestic blow molding machine enterprises have made great progress, and the equipment manufacturing level of some enterprises has been comparable to that of foreign blow molding machine enterprises. For the selection of the blow molding machine, it is not only your requirements in terms of manufacturing technology. There are higher requirements for after-sales of blow molding machines. After a qualified bottle blowing machine company sells, it is also responsible for the assembly of the blow molding machine and the relevant instructions for bottle blowing training. At the same time, there must be a perfect after-sales service network for the blow molding machine, and the maintenance of the blow molding machine should be followed up in time. All these require blow molding machine companies to have a complete after-sales system, which cannot be established overnight. What is gratifying is that at present, some large-scale bottle blowing machine companies in China have been continuously building and improving their own after-sales service systems. Overseas market of blow molding machine“step by step startling”The overseas market of blow molding machines is not an imagined blue ocean. From the perspective of European and American markets, it is difficult for foreign trade manufacturers to enter the blow molding machine market in these countries. Because the traditional well-known enterprises of blow molding machines are basically gathered in these countries. Moreover, these countries often have strict standards for blow molding products, and naturally have high requirements for various parameters of the blow molding machine. Most of the domestic blow molding machine manufacturers have a certain gap with the traditional blow molding machine manufacturers in these countries, so it is difficult to enter this market. Relatively speaking, Asian, African and Latin American countries do not have very high technical requirements for blow molding machines. They are more concerned about the price of blow molding machines, which is the main opportunity for domestic blow molding machine manufacturers. However, these markets have already laid out for some well-known European and American multinational companies of blow molding machines, and there is still competition.
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