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The development of plastic machinery in the domestic market

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-29
At present domestic selling drugs on the market, nutrition, health care products, all kinds of food and drink most is to use plastic bottle packaging, browsing, you to the pharmacy or the supermarket can be seen everywhere in plastic packaging products. Medicine and nutrition health care products mainly used in polyester bottles ( PET bottle) And high density polyethylene bottle ( HDPE bottle) , the main use of polyester bottle beverage ( PET) , everyday items such as shampoo, shower gel, using high density polyethylene bottle ( HDPE bottle) There are many. Plastic bottles, the biggest characteristic is light quality, non-friable, clean, beautiful, and some of its technical indicators and a large amount of data show that the chemical resistance, resistance to water vapor permeability, sealed performance is good, it can be to completely on the product in the period of validity of the product have the effect of safety shield and protect. Production process characteristics of plastic machinery with very large energy saving potential, injection molding machine, for example, general component is the process of injection molding machine clamping, rubber, plastic, pressure maintaining and cooling, mould and so on several stages, each stage need different pressure and flow rate. For the oil pump motor, injection molding process is in the change of load state, quantitative pump in hydraulic system, the oil pump motor at a constant speed to provide a constant flow of redundant hydraulic oil backflow through the overflow valve, this process is called high pressure throttle, this return will cause energy loss. Response to this need, plastic machinery manufacturers also began to use the frequency converter in plastic machinery, plastic machinery users can choose model with frequency converter. To reduce the one-time investment, by far the most users still choose not to bring a converter of plastic machinery, they can be used in the subsequent process of frequency conversion energy-saving renovation.
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