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The confusion in the development process of the blow molding machine manufacturing industry

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-21
Most of the bottle blowing machine enterprises in my country are small and medium-sized enterprises. Due to insufficient technical strength and lack of independent development capabilities, it is difficult to achieve technology-intensive large-scale production, and it is difficult to meet the changing market demand. At present, China's bottle blowing machine companies are distributed in a pyramid shape, with a large number of low-level repetitive production products at the bottom, and relatively few high-end products. The plastic blow molding machine has the characteristics of light weight and high safety performance. It is widely used in beverages, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical industries. It has attracted more manufacturers to choose plastic containers to replace glass containers in the past. However, most of the blow molding machines in my country are small and medium-sized, resulting in insufficient technical strength and lack of independent development capabilities. It is difficult to achieve technology-intensive production scale and meet the changing market demand. There is a huge demand for bottles from pharmaceutical companies, and of course the production of bottles is inseparable from the blow molding machine. At present, there are few large-scale blow molding machines in domestic manufacturing enterprises, and the level of competition is greatly reduced compared with small bottles, so the profit space is larger. Relevant bottle blowing machine companies should seize the opportunity and take advantage of the trend to promote the development of the industry to group development. As the food industry continues to develop, so does the food and beverage packaging industry. It also stimulated the blow molding machine industry. At present, there are three major problems facing the blow molding machine industry in my country: 1. The blow molding machine enterprises urgently need to develop in the direction of green, environmental protection, quality optimization and high energy. 2. Blow molding machine enterprises need to be branded, and the blow molding machine can go abroad and go to the world. 3. Secondary utilization of blow molding machine. Domestic blow molding machines should establish a product quality index system that is compatible with international standards or standards of industrially developed countries, and carry out the whole process of design, manufacturing, inspection, installation, commissioning, maintenance services, etc. The key to large quantities and extensive implementation Product production license, enterprises must strengthen quality awareness and quality management.
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