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The characteristics of the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-07
Automatic bottle blowing machine features: 1, by adopting the technology of oil-free air clamping, clamping force, no mold, with double crank joint stress less, no wear and tear, long life and other advantages of 2, USES the seal fly out technology, make it easier for sealing jar and bottle seal, no deformation. 3, USES the PLC computer control, touch screen, easy to operate, reliable, high stability.
1。 Central axis and screw cylinder by 38 crmoala chromium, molybdenum, aluminum alloy through nitrogen treatment, high thickness, corrosion resistance and resistance to wear, etc. 2. Die chrome plated, screw spindle structure smooth discharge more equal, to better complete the blown film. Complex film blowing machine structure makes the output gas more evenly. Increase unit USES the square frame platform structure, the promotion framework height is adjustable according to different technical requirements. 3. Unloading equipment adopts to the rotating equipment and center rotating equipment, and adopts torque motor to adjust the film smoothness, easy to operation.
bottle blowing machine is in use when there are plenty of attention to matters, in a word, must be careful when using it, to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss, in order to prevent unnecessary trouble for your health. 1. Bottle blowing machine next to pay attention to not damaged when the opening mold resistance wire; 2. The impurity within the mouth bottle blowing machines mold parts removed, will clean material recycling. 3. Don't fall in the water tank when mouth die next; 4. The mouth mould to note don't get burnt. 5. Bottle blowing machine mouth mold, should turn off all electrical knife, hopper knife, knife mouth mould.
how bottle blowing machine quality adjustment? 1 bottle is milky white light box temperature is too high, according to the position of white regulate the temperature of a corresponding period of tubes. 2. The bottle is blue stretch white light box temperature is low, according to the position of white regulate the temperature of a corresponding period of tubes. 3. Bottle aggregate, increasing temperature, the first layer tubes or small bottle cooling water outlet valve. 4. Bottle deformation that bottle temperature is too high, reduce the first layer temperature. 5. Blowing bottle a belly button, delay is too high, lower, with 0. 01 s unit 6. Bottleneck thickening, delay time is too short, to 0. 01 s blowing delay increase for the unit.
4 Labour rotary bottle blowing machine, is a one-piece machine. Is the main features of extruder using electromagnetic heating. Can be cost savings for the user, can save 30% electricity per month. Bottle blowing machine, connector we use are PPR pipe fittings, from the design of the appearance, durable, practical and consider for the customer in such aspects as very considerate. This machine is mainly suitable for side inlet plastic packaging: if bottles, beverage bottles, ice pops, jelly bottles, medicine bottles and hollow products. Transmission part adopts frequency control of motor speed. Using screw extrusion blow molding technology, automatic temperature control variable frequency speed regulation. The unit electrical, pneumatic, mechanical one, stable performance, simple operation and convenient.

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