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The bottom of the bottle what are not the reason of forming?

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-31
What is the bottle blowing machine? Bottle blowing machine mainly for bad bottle bottle blowing equipment, but there are many users, bottle blowing machine out of the bottle of bottle blowing molding, bottle not forming small make up today to tell you about what are the reasons? 1, bottom heating reason most automatic pet bottle blowing machine adopts infrared heating tubes, heating box is divided into multiple independent area, temperature control alone, bottom heating temperature is not enough or too low will cause heating bottle blowing bottle shape. Solution: adjust to the appropriate bottle heating temperature, the temperature of the detailed regulation after-sales consulting bottle factory house. 2, stretching for stretching rod eccentric or stretching rod too short, creates the bottle deformation or too small can cause bottle shape. Solution: adjust the tensile bar position and length of 3 blowing, blowing air pressure is insufficient, adjust the pressure 4, bottle blowing mould for bottle, gap between die and mold clamping a leak or bottle mould height adjustment position can cause bottle didn't take shape. Conclusion: the above is the bottle blowing machine blown out of the bottle bottle shapeless solution, for new users, be convenient for the performance of each bottle blowing machine is not really.
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