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The blow molding machine has been widely used

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-14
Bottle blowing machines have been widely used. In our daily life, we use bottle blowing machines to carry out plastic work of bottles. For you who use the blow molding machine handy, do you have a comprehensive understanding of the basic knowledge of the blow molding machine? In the text, the editor will conduct a brief analysis of the bottle blowing machine, literate all aspects of the bottle blowing machine for you, and comprehensively understand the basic knowledge of the bottle blowing machine: the definition of the bottle blowing machine, the characteristics of the bottle blowing machine, the bottle blowing machine The production process of the machine, etc., by reading this article, I believe you can build an encyclopedia-like knowledge system about the blow molding machine. As the name suggests, a bottle blowing machine is a machine used to blow bottles. In layman's terms, a bottle blowing machine is: it can make plastic softened like a liquid or a preform to be processed through professional and technical personnel. A machine for craft creation and final blowing into bottles. I believe that after you understand the simplest and most popular explanation about the bottle blowing machine, the basic knowledge of the bottle blowing machine has also been established. The technology is the most advanced oil-free airbag clamping technology on the market. This clamping technology is different from the general clamping technology. It does not require the participation of oil, which reduces the consumption of oil and the cost of blowing. , At the same time, the airbag-type clamping technology has strong sealing, strong clamping force, high tightness, and small resistance during the movement operation. This also makes the service life of the blow molding machine longer than that of the ordinary blow molding machine. If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of the basic knowledge of the blow molding machine, then the process technology of the blow molding machine is a part that has to be mentioned. The earliest appearance of the blow molding process can even be traced back to the Second World War. In that war-torn era, people began to produce polyethylene bottles with lower density, although it now seems that the production process of the small bottles produced at that time was very The simplicity and roughness of the bottle do not have high aesthetic value, but at that time, people began to explore the bottle blowing technology. In the late 1950s, the peak of the development of bottle blowing technology was ushered in. This is due to the production of polyethylene with high density, which can better blow the bottle plasticity. In the long-term work manufacturing, the bottle blowing process It has also been greatly improved and widely disseminated. Understanding the production process of the blow molding machine can more comprehensively establish the basic knowledge system of the blow molding machine. The production of the blow molding machine has two processes: preheating and blow molding. Preheating is to heat the preform for better plastic work in the future, but the bottle mouth does not need to be heated. Blow molding is placed in a professional machine for processing. There are two types of semi-automatic blow molding machines and fully automatic blow molding machines on the market.
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