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The biggest feature of PET bottle blowing machine, PET bottle blowing machine,

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-11
PET multifunctional plastic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, oil bottles, space cups, medicine bottles, etc. Plastic hollow containers (PET.PC.......) Infrared multifunctional plastic preform heaters are Three-phase four-wire 380V power supply (220V power supply can also be used), the machine is divided into seven heating tubes, divided into four heating zones, electrical heating control elements are installed in the electrical box, the preheating time is generally about 5-8 minutes , The temperature is conveyed by the electric thermocouple to the temperature controller for automatic temperature control, so that the temperature in the heating box is controlled steadily, and the infrared penetrating power is strong. The heating is uniform. Fast and reliable to ensure that the preform has an ideal heating effect. Production is carried out after one lap. The specific temperature is adjusted according to the bottle forming needs. The biggest features of the PET blow molding machine: • The drying tunnel and the blowing platform are separated, which shortens the mold opening time, increases the blowing speed, and increases the output • Compact appearance The design saves space, reduces investment costs, and improves competitiveness. • Automatic conveying system. • Advanced PLC control system, lightweight and concise control panel. • Independent and simple linear operation system. • Unique heating system, accurate temperature control and simple adjustment. • Unique air storage device. • The cooling system can achieve the ideal cooling effect. • Every action is driven by the cylinder instead of the oil pump, no pollution
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