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The basic knowledge of plastic mold products

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-09
Basic knowledge of the plastic mold for molding, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low foaming molding composite plastic mould, which mainly includes composite substrate by concave die, die components and die combination of card board with variable cavity die, the punch combination of substrate and convex die components, combination punch card board, cutting mold components and side sections of composite slab has a flexible convex mold core. Die convex and concave die and the auxiliary coordinate change in the molding system. Machinable series plastic parts of different shape and size. That we use in our daily life and production to the various tools and products, to the base of the machine tool, the fuselage shell, small to a germ head screws, buttons, and all kinds of household appliances shell, which has close relation with the mould. The shape of the die decides the shape of the products, precision mold processing quality and determines the quality of these products. Because the material of all kinds of products, appearance, specifications, and different purposes of mould into casting die, forging die, die-casting mould, stamping mould of plastic moulds, such as, and plastic moulds. Plastic mold: is used for molding plastic hollow container class products, Such as beverage bottle, cosmetic products and packaging container) A kind of mould, blow moulding main form according to the process principle of extrusion blow molding hollow molding, injection blow molding hollow molding, injection stretch blow molding hollow molding ( Commonly known as & other; Note, blowing & throughout; ) And multilayer blow molding hollow molding, sheet molding, hollow molding, etc. Blow molding of the hollow products equipment is often referred to as plastic blow molding machine, blow molding is only applicable to production of thermoplastic plastic varieties of products. Blow molding mold structure is relatively simple, materials used on carbon steel manufacturing.
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