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The analysis of the causes of automatic bottle blowing machine produce waste bottles

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-19
Automatic bottle blowing machine compressed air from the core mold base with mandrel axial groove into the core of the mold base ring end face of the radial slot, open the pipe from uniform distribution of eight directions, make its rapid into a bottle. Obviously, in this kind of structure under the condition of gas tank depth shoulds not be too large, will make high pressure sol into chocked up with gas tank. Groove depth control at 0103 - commonly so Within the scope of 0105 mm. But on the other hand, the injection pressure of injection machine is as high as 140 mpa, mandrel axial pressure, was very open has eight radial gas tank mandrel ring surface with limited bearing area from core rod under pressure. By the calculation, extrusion stress on the surface of the core mold base bearing can reach more than 570 mpa, so much of the extrusion stress will cause deformation of the bearing surface, the airway Narrows accordingly. Once appear, partial load situation, individual gas tank is likely to be blocked. In addition, the accident of dust or debris into, can also lead to eight gas tank uniform ventilation. From the above analysis we concluded that the airway structure of original mould can't completely eliminate waste happens in the bottle.
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