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Talk about price trend about the bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-30
Plastic market after bottoming out in December 2008, opened up half a step-by-step road to bounce. Can say every step is very stable. As of June 24, futures at around 10000 points temporarily blocked, can effectively break the psychological barrier, we still need to wait time patience. In six months, including two months in the callback, medium-term rising pattern is obvious. But the long term, still subject to 13000 - 15000 casing pressure. China plastic futures present step by step following the trend with the international crude oil price. Chinese demand, high utility ratio and low inventory capital as well as expectations of future inflation by international hot money again kai qu commodities, especially oil, has prompted from low oil prices rebound. Under the capital to promote domestic plastic price is due to weak demand is difficult to rally, but the price downward space is quite limited. As has insignificant influence on the plastic price of crude oil market, the author have to do part. During the steady climb in the first half of the plastic market, crude oil market experiences two phases: one is hesitate in around 50 dollars finishing stage, 2 it is to pull up stage. Is crude oil supply and demand fundamental plane didn't attack basic change, but the rising momentum seems to be no less, and in June to break $70 a barrel mark. Under the circumstances of the world economy is still chill, a lot of not sure the oil market and unstable factors. The current oil market violent unrest, from the market level, reflects the relationship between balance and imbalance of supply and demand of cycle changes, tight and slow movements take turns out; From all kinds of competition strength level of the game, is the rights and interests of the readjustment and redistribution, is profit, market share, and control the reshuffle of influence; From a policy perspective, this is the producer, the interests of consumers and oil companies in order to maintain itself and stop the performance of the policy adjustment, is adapt to market changes and the process of internal and external environment. As the financial crisis worsened tendency to suppress and global macroeconomic situation more and more warm, see positive pessimistic mood is beginning to return to the market. Global appeared all the recent economic index, the late spring, early summer there were a few warm once beginning, increased demand for economic recovery, and expectations of rebound in oil prices. From the market situation, the current international oil markets work the main focus on four big expectations, rising oil prices. U. S. dollar devaluation expectations, boosted by a stronger U. S. dollar denominated in petroleum products price of market expectations. After the financial crisis, in order to stimulate the economy, the U. S. government through the quantitative easing monetary policy, printing presses. As economic conditions improve, the U. S. dollar hedge function weakened, dollar depreciation is obvious in recent months, from the point of exchange rates, dollar devaluation is an inevitable result for a long time. A shortage of oil supply expected in the future. Under the impact of the financial crisis, many energy companies fall into a fund shortage crisis, investment dropped sharply, oil-producing countries and oil companies and delay and cancel the petroleum investment projects, OPEC has postponed 35 original exploration projects. The international energy agency ( IEA) Executive director nobuo tanaka said recently that if the world does not take effective measures to battle, & other; 2013 oil supply panic or shortage may be present throughout the &; 。 The United States and western country economic recovery expectations, driving the increase in demand for oil. The organisation for economic co-operation and development ( OECD) Released on June 9th April comprehensive beat index ( CLI) , the speed of the deterioration of the global economy is slowing. A but the real bottom, demand for oil will present restorative growth. Global deflation expectations, making oil futures investment funds of object again. In the United States and other western countries adopted a policy of zero interest rates and low interest rates, under the propulsion of financing capital land sharply, active surplus, beginning present market expectations of inflation. It is these elements, crude oil prices rebound sharply from the upstream of plastic products. Is the price adjustment is not yet in the past, but with the increase of economic recovery and oil demand, oil prices upward space will be opened. Even if the demand is not prosperous, and oil prices downward space is not large. Plastic price also followed oil prices bottomed out in the first half of the year, can constitute a reversal, will take time for research
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