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Some Suggestions on plastic bottle blowing machine equipment manufacturer

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-08
Bottle blowing machine factory several Suggestions: 1. Actively introduce technology, strengthen the independent development ability to imported technology and technical research combined with experimental study, arrange enough digesting and absorbing funds, through the technical research and experimental research, truly master the advanced foreign technology and design ideas, design method, test methods and key design data, manufacturing process, such as technical know-how, gradually formed the independent development ability and improve the innovation ability. Introduction of technology and technology improvement of enterprises, the combination of arrange corresponding technical innovation capital, make the introduction of technology to quickly form production capacity, to shift into commodities into the market. Strive to expand the channels, adopt various ways actively carry out international cooperation, including cooperation development, manufacturing, talent introduction, sending personnel training, etc. , take people a long time, has been short. 2. Strengthen the quality of work, to ensure product quality to improve bottle blowing machine industry in the development of situation, must firmly grasp the quality of the products of this link, only in this way can withstand to join the world trade organization after severe challenges from the market. Domestic bottle blowing machine to set up with international standards or industrial standards in developed countries that meet the needs of product quality index system, and implement in the design, manufacture, inspection, installation, debugging, whole process service, etc, for the enormous quantity wide licensing production of key products, enterprises must strengthen quality awareness and quality management. The relevant government departments to the existing bottle blowing machine product quality supervision and inspection agencies to support further perfect, gradually formed the national product quality supervision and monitoring center, it in addition to the daily administration of quality supervision work, is also responsible for export product quality certification. 3. Combined with the characteristics of regional distribution, promoting overall harmonious development with its national conditions in order to study the development strategy of bottle blowing machine, it is necessary to study influencing the quantity and variety development of bottle blowing machine applied difference, thus make countermeasures. From the point of view of demand, beverage production and packaging enterprises, edible oil, pharmaceutical enterprises is the demand of the bottle, and production of bottle, of course, inseparable from the bottle blowing machine. How to objectively describe the development trend of bottle blowing machine vision, estimated demand quantity and variety, reasonable for the layout of the bottle blowing machine production enterprise, all to start from the demand, only through the bottle blowing machine production enterprises - - - - The bottle production enterprises - - - The bottle needs the demand chain enterprise, was able to surprise. 4. Positive development of bottle blowing machine of large enterprise groups of our country enterprise more for small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of technical strength, lack of self-development capacity, is difficult to realize the scale of the technology-intensive production, difficult to meet the ever-changing market demand. So our bottle blowing machine should enterprise collectivization road, break the part line, organization of the different types of enterprise groups and research institutes and institutions of higher learning, to strengthen and enterprise union, conditional to enter the enterprise group, become the center of the development of the enterprise group and personnel training base. The government departments concerned should according to the characteristics of the industry, from set out actually, take flexible measures to support the enterprise group in the industry get rapid development. :
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