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Small bottle blowing machine maintenance and maintenance knowledge

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-17
Bottle blowing machine maintenance and maintenance of small knowledge 1 bit not charging hopper: need to check several ways. If there had been no material hopper, if it is: need to feed. Not: please check whether the elevator control contactor in electrical state, if it is to state, to check whether the motor is in power and load state, because this kind of situation is likely to be the bottle preform ( Embryo) Stuck with ascension, then the simplest method is to promote human help. If you examine elevator control contactor is not to state, please check whether the bottle embryo detect magic eye with reflector plate is not on the same line. 2 feed themselves feed table: this kind of circumstance is a headache problem, empirically if the bottle preform ( Embryo) The length of the longer cut weight is bigger, then this kind of phenomenon is relatively less. After 3 bottle blowing into cannot be removed from the mold. In general, according to the required product to choose the bottle blowing machine model. The dosage of the character of different manufacturers, general attention is a few cavity, the size of the bottle capacity, and the output per hour. Through their own need to choose fit with your required model is critical. Now, do the bottle blowing machine factory is domestic, on the basis of the price is right to choose a good brand manufacturer also should be the key, the domestic large bottle blowing machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in taizhou in zhejiang province. And there are many manufacturers have the ability of independent design and production, can according to customer requirements to special needs, and have large plant allocation of parts processing production, coupled with good after-sales service system to provide close technical support.
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