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Small against the mouth - bottle blowing machine Molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-06
The bottle blowing machine convenient access to the 220 v power supply. Suitable for blowing the bottle inside a bottle type of the request or in-band plug, such as soy sauce pot, detergent bottles, cosmetics bottles, etc. The machine is controlled by PLC computer. With high stability, small resistance, high precision, etc. Technical parameters, technical parameters of Model Parammeters specifications 55 translation type double-position Translational 2 station machine Model 55 65 translation type double-position Translational 2 station machine model65 products maximum capacity ml Max. blowing volume 1500 1500 螺杆直径mm Screw diameter 65 长径比 Length/diameter ratio 25:1 电机功率kw Motor power 11 螺杆转速R/MIN Screw speed 20- 60 塑化能力kg Plasticizing capacity 40 60 模头数量 Number of handpieces 单 单 使用气压mpa Applicable air pressure 0. 6 0. 6 重量KG Weigh 1500 2000 控制方式 Way of control PLC电脑控制 PLC control 调速方式 Speed regulating mothod 变频器调速Frequency control of motor speed
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