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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-19
In the traditional process, the semi-automatic is divided into two parts: the main machine and the oven, which are two machines respectively. The disadvantage of this type of bottle blowing machine is that the customer must manually put the preform, put it in the oven to blow the bottle after heating, and finally take out the bottle. There are many steps. Although the machine is stable, but for customers who have rigid requirements for production, this is In the tedious process, it is difficult to meet customer requirements. The latest model YC-2L-4 of Jinyi Machinery this quarter has made an innovation on this, simplifying the complexity, adopting an automated design for the preform and bottle removal, and the customer only needs to blow one The process greatly improves the production efficiency. Regarding the problem of automatic preform loading, Jinyi adheres to the principle that semi-automatic machines should be small and refined. We have built-in loading machine, because if the loading machine is installed externally, the floor space will be significantly increased. For start-up customers, such a design is cumbersome. So the built-in is more concise and saves area. When the preform enters the oven, we all have photoelectric sensors to ensure that the preform enters the oven smoothly. At the exit, the customer only needs to put the heated preform on the host to blow the bottle, which is simple and convenient. Our company sent this model to Yangon, Myanmar in October. It happened that the customer's name was Mr. Win. We also used to call this order 'Double win'. We look forward to you as the next win-win buyer. 1. Equipment: With the continuous development of technology, the automation program of PET bottle blowing machine is getting higher and higher, and the production efficiency is getting higher and higher. The production capacity of the bottle blowing machine has grown from thousands of bottles in the past to thousands of bottles now. The operation is also changed from manual to automatic, all controlled by computer, which reduces the difficulty of operation and improves the stability of the process. 2. Preform: The quality of PET material determines the quality of the preform. Manufacturers should choose materials that are easy to inflate and characterize, and formulate a reasonable preform molding process. 3. Heating: The heating of the preform is completed by a heating oven, and its temperature is manually set and automatically adjusted. 4. Auxiliary machine and mould: Auxiliary machine equipment mainly refers to maintaining the constant temperature of mould. The constant temperature of the mold plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the product. 5. Environment: The quality of the production environment also has a greater impact on the process adjustment. The PET bottle blowing machine is generally better at room temperature and low humidity.
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