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Scope of application of PET bottle blowing machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-25
PET bottle blowing machine is divided into two big control system ( Customers can choose) , it is controlled by time relay, 2 it is PLC computer control, touch screen, According to the requirements of different clients at home and abroad, the above control system, the Japanese omron, mitsubishi, etc. ) Can more accurately control technology parameters, PET bottle blowing machine has simple operation, safety, etc, and dual scram control in different location, different locations and single point move revelation buttons and two point start button control, make the operation personnel in the work convenient, PET bottle blowing machine only one operator, do not need special training, the machine has a special internal high and low pressure air storage device, the user can be single air supply or dual gas source supply, clamping device with double crank clamping, the advantages of large clamping force, machine installation is very simple, operating personnel operation and maintenance easy.
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