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Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment products classification and requirements

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-06
In recent years, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment manufacturing and pure water equipment industry to become a member of the domestic high-speed industry sustainable development. And rapid development in recent ten years, it has started into the posing development, despite the turnover is growing fast, operating profit growth has eased. Reverse osmosis equipment development prospect is so good, but I'm afraid a lot of people the concept of reverse osmosis also is very fuzzy, this article emphatically introduce the reverse osmosis device of product classification and some requirements. A, reverse osmosis type: 1, the reverse osmosis product model by reverse osmosis in English letter RO and membrane type codes, codes of the specifications of the equipment, and reverse osmosis series combination. 2, reverse osmosis membrane in the form of a code ( In Chinese pinyin 'said) J— — Roll type membrane; B— — Plate membrane; Z— — Hollow membrane; G— — 3, the specifications of the equipment code (tubular membrane By the type of device code 'English' said) S— — Small devices; M— — Medium-sized equipment; L— — 4 large equipment, reverse osmosis series code ( Expressed in Arabic Numbers) 1 - — Level 1 reverse osmosis; 2 - — The secondary reverse osmosis; 3 - — Level 3 reverse osmosis, model example: RO— JS1 said: use roll type of reverse osmosis membrane level 1 small reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. Second, reverse osmosis equipment according to the daily water m3 / d points three categories: 1, small appliances, nissan water & le; 100 m3 / d; 2 water, medium-sized equipment, nissan 100-1000 m3 / d. 3, large equipment, nissan water ≧ 1000 m3 / d, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment performance requirements 1, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment performance indicators, 1) Desalination rate: equipment of desalting rate is 95% (≧ Except the user's special requirement) ( 2) Raw water recovery: & ndash; — Small appliances raw water recovery ≧ 30% & ndash; — Medium-sized equipment raw water recovery ≧ 50% & ndash; — Large equipment raw water recovery ≧ 70% 2, reverse osmosis, raw material requirements ( 1) Reverse osmosis membrane components, pump, all kinds of pipe, instrument lamp equipment building, shall conform to the requirements of the relevant standards and specifications. ( 2) All parts in contact with the water of the material does not produce any harmful physical and chemical reaction with water, take appropriate antiseptic effective protective measures when necessary, may not pollution water, should comply with the requirements about safety and health standards. Equipment system, the reverse osmosis membrane is probably the most & other; Delicate & throughout; , so often to protect membrane. Reverse osmosis membrane protective system of safe and reliable, and, when necessary, should have the protection measures to prevent water hammer shock, membrane element seepage water side pressure shall not be higher than condensed water side 0. 03 mpa, equipment shutdown, the film should be in the condensed water is rinsed clean, downtime for more than a month, should be protected, such as the protection of liquid.
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