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Raw materials for blow molding machines

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-26
Technicians and workers engaged in plastic molding of blow molding machines must understand plastic materials. Only by understanding the plastic materials of various plastic blow molding machines can you apply them freely. Whether it is the selection of raw materials before molding, the setting of the molding process during molding, or the feeding of the molding machine, it is related to the type of plastic. There are many ways to classify plastics, including the following: 1. There are two types of plastics based on their origin. (1) Dahlan resin; (2) Synthetic resin: 2. According to the production process of plastic, there are four types. (1) Plastics based on resins synthesized by chain polymerization. Moderate yogurt and its copolymers, etc. (2) Resins synthesized by polycondensation or step-by-step polymerization. Such as phenolic resin plastics, polyurethane plastics and polyester plastics. (3) Plastics based on chemical modifications and natural resins. Such as nitrocellulose, acetate cellulose and recycled fiber. (4) Plastics based on natural asphalt and some organic pyrolysis resins.
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