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Production speed adjustment of blow molding machine and debugging of plasticizing system

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-29
The production speed adjustment of the blow molding machine slows down the speed by increasing the exhaust time and increasing the saturated pressure time, and at the same time adjusts the overall temperature of the heating box. The overall temperature of the light box needs to be reduced by 1% for each increase of 0 and 1S. The operation of increasing the speed is the opposite of reducing the speed. (The minimum exhaust time is 0, 8S, after 0, 8S, there will be bottle jumping phenomenon due to untimely exhaust) No matter whether the speed is increased or decreased, it should not be too fast, and each time it changes at most 0, 3S after a period of time Observe the quality of the bottle, and adjust the speed after the quality of the bottle is stable. Every time you adjust the speed, you must carefully observe the quality of the bottle and adjust the temperature of the light box at any time. Every time the blowing cycle changes 0, 1S, the output of bottles per hour changes accordingly by about 50. The blowing machine should adjust the blowing speed reasonably according to the speed of the filling machine. Debugging of the plasticizing system 1) The heater of the plasticizing system must be evenly tightened, and the heater and the heated surface are evenly and tightly fitted. For the mica heater, tap lightly with a rubber mallet while tightening to ensure a tight fit, which is conducive to uniform heating and prolongs the service life of the heater. 2) The thermocouple probe must have sufficient spring preload to ensure accurate temperature measurement. 3) The compression bolts of the storage die head should not be fully tightened, but lightly pressed to allow room for thermal expansion and contraction of the barrel; the axis of the barrel should be kept straight and not bent. 4) Before heating, the cooling water of the barrel and the die head must be turned on to prevent caking and blockage of the feeding section of the barrel, and prevent the oil cylinder seals on the gearbox and the die head from aging and leaking oil too quickly. 5) A magnetic frame should be placed in the hopper to prevent iron filings from entering the screw, causing damage to the screw and die parts or blockage of the die flow passage. 6) When the cold machine of the automatic blow molding machine starts, the extrusion speed should be reduced, and the speed should be gradually increased after the tube blank is normally extruded from the die. 7) Before the tube blank is normally extruded from the die, the personnel should not stand directly in front of the die and below the die; when the storage cylinder machine is shooting for the first 3 times, the personnel should stay away from the die and shoot manually. The pressure is usually not too large (generally not more than 5MPa). 8) The automatic injection pressure of the storage barrel machine should not be too large. The actual time of automatic injection is usually more than 5 seconds. Too fast speed will easily lead to inaccurate wall thickness tracking and melt fracture. 9) For machines equipped with a wall thickness control system, when starting the wall thickness controller, a manual trial operation must be performed first, and then the extrusion is started to prevent the parts from being damaged due to the complete closure of the die. Jiangsu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, manufacture, production and sales of PET blow molding machines. After absorbing the new technology and design of Western Europe, we continue to innovate and devote ourselves to the production of PET blow molding machine equipment and matching equipment. of various auxiliary machines. The 4-cavity linear blow molding machine we produce can produce 8,000 bottles per hour, and the 8-cavity machine can reach a high output of 13,000 bottles per hour.
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