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Production characteristics of automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-21
Automatic blow molding machine is a very common production machine, which is widely used in the production of plastic bottles in related industries. The automatic blow molding machine will inevitably encounter some deviations when it is fully automatic production. It is also necessary to cause the blow molding weight to be different. After all, the machine will inevitably have some small errors, but we are looking for other subjective factors. Find some other objective reasons, because these objective reasons seriously affect the accuracy of the blowing weight. The advantages and characteristics of the automatic bottle blowing machine in its own design and application: 1. Reasonable design and automatic control, which greatly reduces power consumption and manpower; 2. Automatic tube blanking system; 3. Infrared preheating and heating Preheat the billet in a box; 4. The production process is fully automated, which has the advantages of low investment, quick results, convenient and safe operation and maintenance. The temperature control is not accurate or the temperature deviation is large, and the installation position of the temperature measuring point (thermocouple) is unreasonable, which causes the temperature to produce periodic deviation. As the temperature deviation increases, the deviation that affects the weight also increases. When the temperature rises, the extrusion barrel stretches more. In the same operating cycle, the nozzle material at the bottom of the bottle increases and the product weight is reduced. When the temperature is low, the weight of the product increases. When the thermocouple has poor contact, there will be similar failures. If the thermocouple is broken, the extrusion volume will decrease, and when the temperature is lower than the melting point of the plastic, the motor current will increase.
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