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Problems and causes of blow molding machine products, blow molding machine-mechanical professional blow molding machine equipment manufacturer

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-07
As a plastic product producer, the bottle blowing machine sprays out liquid plastic, and uses the wind generated by the machinery and equipment to blow the sprayed plastic onto a mold cavity of a specific shape, and cool it to form the product to be produced. This method Greatly improve production efficiency. In the daily production process, blow molding machine products will have some problems. Let Jin Yi Machinery take you to understand these problems and their reasons. 1. The product transparency is not good. The reasons may be: the preform is opaque, the secondary heating temperature is too high, the secondary heating time is too long, the blow molding air contains water, and the blow molding mold surface is rough. Solutions: 1. Dry the raw materials, use high-transparency parisons 2. Reduce the oven temperature 3. Shorten the heating time 4. Use a freeze dryer to remove water 5. Polish the mold surface. 2. The product has pearl luster and whitening and the bottom gate position is shifted. Reasons: the blowing temperature of the preform is too low, the blowing time is advanced, the temperature of the preform is uneven, and the drawing line speed is too low. Solution: 1. Increase the secondary heating temperature and extend the secondary heating time. 2. Slow down the blowing time. 3. Change the temperature distribution of the oven. 4. Increase the drawing speed. 3. The product cannot be formed due to: insufficient blow molding air pressure, insufficient blow molding air flow, too slow blow molding air pressure rising speed, excessive stretching force, incorrect secondary heating speed, etc. Solution: 1. Increase the air pressure 2. Increase the air flow 3. Improve the pressure regulating structure and increase the air pressure rise speed 4. Choose a reasonable stretching force during design 5. Adjust the temperature of the baking box. Fourth, the product wall thickness is uneven, the reason: the parison wall thickness is uneven, the temperature of the parison is uneven, the stretching rate is too low, the stretching rod is offset, etc. Solution: 1. Adjust the preform 2. Adjust the temperature distribution of the oven 3. Increase the stretching ratio 4. Adjust the stretching rod. 5. The middle part of the product is thin. Reasons: the stretching and blowing temperature is too high, the middle temperature of the parison is too high, etc. Solution: Lower the stretching temperature and lower the heating temperature in the middle of the oven. 6. The upper part of the product is thin and the bottom is thick. Reasons: the drawing and blowing linear speed is too high, the blowing time is improperly selected, and the drawing and blowing temperature is not appropriate. Solution: 1. Lower the blowing temperature 2. Advance the blowing time slightly 3. Adjust the heating temperature of the oven to reduce the temperature of the bottleneck part and increase the temperature of the bottom part. Seven, the bottom of the product is thin and the upper part is thick. Reasons: the drawing and blowing line speed is too low, the blowing time is improperly selected, the blowing temperature is not appropriate, etc. Solutions: 1. Increase the blowing speed 2. Delay the blowing time 3. Increase the upper temperature of the oven , To lower the bottom temperature, the blowing personnel should always pay attention to the quality of the bottle. Zhangjiagang Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production enterprise engaged in the research and development of automatic bottle blowing machines. Over the years, the company has learned a set of mature production technology and manufacturing process based on the foreign advanced technology, combined with the company's years of experience in producing hollow blow molding machines. The company provides a full set of pre-sales and after-sales services such as installation and commissioning, maintenance, training, and technical consultation. With advanced technology, reliable quality, reasonable price, and perfect after-sales service, the company strives to enable you to obtain the best products and services.
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