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Problem examples and solutions of bottle blowing molding by blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-18
In the blow molding machine industry, a well blown bottle is usually determined by many factors. For example: material properties, preform structure, preform injection process, bottle blowing mold, bottle blowing equipment, bottle blowing process, etc. Here are some examples of common bottle blow molding problems and solutions. ①If the bottle is not blow-molded or broken during the blowing process. In this case, the temperature of the preform may be too low or the air blowing volume is too small. At this point, we need to increase the temperature of the lamp and increase the blowing volume appropriately. ②Blow out the bottom. This may be because the bottom temperature of the preform is too high, and the heating temperature at the bottom of the preform needs to be appropriately lowered. ③The bottle is cloudy. In this case, recrystallization is generally caused by excessive heating of the preform. Appropriately reduce the temperature, if not, consider replacing the material. In the actual debugging process, when we encounter the problem of blow molding, we need to comprehensively consider the above factors, and analyze them reasonably, and through corresponding adjustments, we can solve all the problems.
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