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Preheating and forming of automatic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-31
Preheating and forming of the automatic bottle blowing machine 1. Preheating The preform (embryo) is irradiated by an infrared high temperature lamp to heat and soften the body part of the preform (embryo), in order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the bottle The blank (embryo) mouth does not need to be heated, so a certain cooling device is required to cool it. 2. Blow molding In this stage, the preheated preform (preform) is placed in the blow mold that has already been prepared, high-pressure inflation is carried out in it, and the preform (preform) is blown and drawn into the desired bottle. Blow molding machines on the market are generally divided into two types: automatic and semi-automatic. The automatic bottle blowing machine completes the two operations of blowing together through the operation of the manipulator, which eliminates the process of manually placing the preheated preform (preform) into the blow mold. Greatly accelerated the rate of production, of course, the price is higher than the semi-automatic.
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