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Points for attention when purchasing a blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-29
The use of unqualified electrical products has great potential safety hazards. The following are some points to pay attention to when choosing a blow molding machine. The main reasons for unqualified products are: First, some blow molding machine companies do not understand the safety and performance requirements in the standard, The implementation is not in place, the hired electricians do not understand the national electrical safety standards, and the person in charge of the enterprise lacks sufficient understanding of the serious consequences caused by the unqualified electrical system of the blow molding machine; second, some enterprises do not set the blow molding machine product in order to reduce costs. Qualified protective bonding circuits and overcurrent protection devices. The working characteristic of the blow molding machine equipment is that it works continuously for a long time at high temperature, and the electrical components are easily aged and the insulation performance is damaged. If the electrical installation fails, the equipment operator will lose the next layer of protection, and the consequences will be more serious. The characteristics of the blow molding machine are continuous production, high power, high reliability, low power consumption and low noise are the indicators of customers. Therefore, when purchasing, it is recommended to first consider the brand of blow molding machine with a high degree of selection, and pay attention to the brands of key components configured, such as hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, motors, etc., so that the quality of brand products and after-sales service All are guaranteed. Then, understand the quality management level of the enterprise. For enterprises that have passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification and the European CE safety certification, the safety performance and technical performance of the blow molding machine are trustworthy. Secondly, pay attention to relevant technical documents, such as the blow molding machine operation manual, certificate of conformity, packing list, software operation manual, etc. Generally speaking, companies that attach importance to these technical data also attach more importance to product quality.
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