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by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-02
It is to protect and preserve food, packaging has the value. So any enterprise in the design and manufacture of packing, must attach importance to the basic function of packaging. People should achieve environmental protection from all aspects, but environmental protection in nature should not be at the expense of the original function of plastic packaging. If a packing can not meet the basic requirement of the promotion, protection and preservation products, so it has no meaning. But this is not to deny any that can reduce the negative effects of packaging on the environment of new materials and new technology. Packaging function and the basis of environmental performance is very important. Materials science and advanced production technology can provide end users with both environmental protection and meet the requirements of promotion, protection of packing. The use of recycling waste plastic processing production of recycled plastic materials recently passed the authoritative quality inspection institutions quality reviews, which means made from recycled plastic bottles can enter the domestic market. Different plastic factory gradually formed a good industrial chain of enterprise, plastic bottles in recycling industry occupies an important role and value, can make efficient use of resources and growth, reducing environmental pollution and pressure. In 2009, according to China's customs statistics data, China's imports of plastic waste in line with 2008, by the end of September last year, imports have reached 5. 4 million tons. According to the meeting, according to data released on the China about 20% of the plastic used in regeneration. Regeneration both said business has improved, but the situation is still not optimistic. China's plastic waste can have important roles in China's exports and value, HDPE bottle regeneration rate from 27 in 2005. Of the 26 1% and 2006. 4% down to 26% in 2007, this problem further. We are constantly from central and South America and Canada to import a large number of materials.
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