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Plastic bottle shape features

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-28
The appearance of the transparent plastic bottles and characteristics: stiffness is higher also, oval plastic bottles. But the mould manufacturing cost is higher. So to ensure the stiffness of plastic bottles, in addition to choose the material with high stiffness, but also by the shape of the plastic bottle design, enhancing stiffness and load resistance strength of plastic bottles. Blow molding. Tend to hardening of the leading position. So the parts of the wall thickness is bigger. Edge and corner area, parison swell the last contact parts, the parts of the wall thickness is smaller. So the edges of the plastic bottles and wipe Angle parts should be designed as a rounded corners. With the technology development of regeneration of PET slice, regeneration of food grade PET chip can be directly used in food packaging, so as to achieve 100% of infinite recycling, the recycle of PET recycled plastic bottles greatly save the consumption of oil resources. Should pay attention to the appearance of plastic bottles have symmetry. To minimize the extreme stretch points and the location. All the transition place adopts circular arc transition. 1 to make plastic bottles even wall thickness. The most important parts of the consumers' attention. Printing surface should be smooth and continuous; If containing liquid plastic handle, grooves, reinforced structure, such as 2 bottles of printing surface. The design should pay attention not to inconvenience printing operations. Should be so that the cover is flat and level. Can be in a plastic bottle appearance design & other; Sash & throughout; Make labeling accurate positioning, show good advantage and role, and plastic bottles should have enough stiffness and beautiful shape. To show the role in different industries. Plastic bottle of the most common shape is round, square, oval, etc. From the point of use, each has its advantages and disadvantages. The round plastic stiffness is higher, but the appearance is not beautiful. Square plastic bottles, beautiful shape, but not easy to control when molding plastic uniform wall thickness. 3 bottles appearance when label is adopted. Do not produce movement. Such as plastic bottle in the middle of relatively thin some, 4 change shape plastic bottle appearance. Increasing plastic bottle appearance of circumferential grooves or convex rib, can improve the rigidity and the bending resistance of plastic bottles. Longitudinal grooves or reinforcement, can eliminate plastic bottles under the temporary load deviation, sagging or deformation phenomenon.
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