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Plastic bottle packaging will win full paper market

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-02
, weight calculation, according to experts predict that by using plastic in the packaging applications of 2008 will account for 50%, to 2008 annual growth will remain in the 3 plastic packaging. About 1%. Plastic packaging will gradually occupy paper packaging materials market, occupy a larger market share. This is because compared with paper, plastic packaging has obvious advantages. In addition, rising incomes and improvement of living standards, provides opportunities to the development of the diversification of plastic packaging. The main alternative field for food paper packaging, plastic packaging, according to some projections, the fastest-growing pet food, fruit drinks, eggs, candy and baked goods. Compared with other beverages, small component packaging plastic bottles for milk, instead of the development of the carton packaging is stronger and more competitive. In addition, the further development of packaging technology, such as rapid application of packaging machine, not only reduce the packaging cost, also increased the breed of design and color, all of these speed up the development of plastic packaging, especially the growth of pet food packaging. From the health factors to consider, hard plastic packaging container, such as plastic bottles, cups, plates and tube growth than RuanSu packaging, these varieties of packaging is mainly used for frozen food, baked food, etc. Although food packaging paper is strong and will gradually be replaced by plastic parts. Over the next five years, paper, competitive and profit margins will be more and more small, consumption and demand is falling. Compared with plastic packaging, paper only, there is still a competitive, the food industry because of considering the health factors, stimulate the paper in the field of disposable use, such as cardboard boxes, paper barrel, packaging and paper bags, etc. Therefore, the paper in terms of replaced by plastic, drop it slower than other USES. Paper has respiratory function, and conducive to environmental protection, on food packages with advantages, will continue to occupy the packaging market, especially the corrugated carton used is common. Paper bag compared with transport and retail packaging, replaced by plastic speed slower, the market is already saturated, plastic packaging is expected to should be the development of transportation in vats and tons of bagging. In short, in the past 20 years, the paper is being replaced by plastic packaging, and small paper bags due to market stability and grocery supermarket handbag market healthy development, will remain a small increase. High separation performance: the plastic packaging has become a magic weapon that over time due to market development mature, further growth will be limited. But high barrier property of materials will help plastic packaging and rapid development. High-pressure polyethylene film is used for the main plastic packing meat, poultry and seafood. Followed by PVC and nylon. Plastic packaging film of high separation performance, puncture resistance and resistance characteristics of oxygen resistance and adhesion, low cost, determines its packaging the irreplaceability of meat, poultry and seafood. Considering the health factors, seafood products consumer market to expand, also provide plastic flexible packaging with sufficient space for development. Semi-finished meat market is the direction of the development of flexible packaging, can choose to set packaging processing center in a region, and then shipped to supermarkets and other retail outlets throughout the country. Can save supermarket can cut costs and handling costs, and to keep meat fresh for a long time. Meat packing plastic film sealing plastic tray, useful bag and vacuum packaging. Wal-mart introduced a form of packaging, make the new packaging development. Semi-finished products will be the development trend of meat packaging & other Extraction & throughout; Packaging form. This kind of packing has two layers of plastic film, outer is a high barrier property membrane, is designed to use oxygen isolation, lest contents to rot; Lining is breathing membrane, make food can continue to breathe, keeping freshness.
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