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Plastic bottle packaging dairy drinks

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-02
Now, more and more dairy drinks used plastic bottle packaging. Bottles of the blocking performance, shading performance and the correct filling technology is the key. SIG beverage machinery division & other; SIG division, parker & throughout; And & other SIG ASBOFILL” Combination, dairy drinks for complex plastic packaging process to create the ideal solution. In the dairy packaging market in recent years, plastic packaging share is growing. HDPE/PET bottle in the flavor of milk, fruit milk mixture and health drink constantly use showed dairy packaging market recognition of plastic packaging. At present, the development of the dairy drinks some popular fairly quickly. Milk is added juice, vitamins, or other value-added additive after become a new type of functional beverage. In the marketing of the new beverage, PET gradually become the latest must-haves in the packaging. PET with its as absolutely transparent as glass, the characteristics of high gloss, make the packaging more attractive, more show the value of the brand and different and occupied a certain dairy products packaging market. In a competitive market environment, packaging has gradually become the medium of the message of the brand to consumers. Compared with other plastic packaging, PET better blocking performance. In the system of UHT milk drinks, such as UHT milk, UHT milk flavor, UHT, UHT condensed milk, cheese and other and UHT - such as soy milk Liquid milk products ( 自民党) The rate of growth. In Spain, one of the data source is only packed in PET bottles of UHT milk beverage of annual growth rate is over 100%, real rose to 4 million from 2003 in 2007 is expected to 74 million litres. Dairy packaging requirements on the whole, different dairy drinks pre processing of the product itself, the outer packing and filling technology requirements are quite different. In the form shown in figure 2 shows the dairy drinks pre-processing and filling technology on its shelf life. Under the condition of cold chain, use clean filling technology can achieve the guarantee period of the standard 10 days ( For a period or 21 days of ESL milk, fermented milk such as buttermilk, yogurt and health drink) 。 Dairy drinks on its packaging in its protective function in distribution, storage and sales requirement with the temperature down, protection function is mainly refers to the stability of dairy drinks shelf life and pre processing requirements. Suitable for low yogurt products of aseptic filling technology of cold chain system of UHT milk drinks, at room temperature environment under the conditions of storage and sales, the situation is much more complicated. Then the protection of low acid products extremely demanding and filling technology ( As shown in figure 3) Because, the condition of low acid bacteria and microbe easily under the room temperature environment to survive and develop. For the filling of this product, SIG beverage machinery division SIGASBOFILL launched a series of ABF aseptic filling system, change system using aseptic technique is the atomized spray hydrogen peroxide technology for sterilization packaging. The device set the bottle sterilization, aseptic filling and aseptic screw cap or aluminum foil sealing, filling the highest yield up to 12000 bottles/hour. Now the filling system has been widely used in the low acid products such as UHT milk, milk drinks, coffee, milk flavor milk, yogurt and other field of aseptic filling, and have made great commercial success. SIGASBOFILLABF system is one of the most important advantage is sterile area are very small, and makes the sterile area control and maintain the simple and safe. In the production operation, the bottle outside the sterile area, and put the bottle part only a sterile sterile area filling. Sterilization process is, first of all, based on a percentage of atomized spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and aseptic air mixture, and keep a certain amount of time in a bottle for oxidation; Then, achieve inside the bottle through oxidation of hydrogen peroxide sterilization effect, while the bottle of microorganisms has been removed. Finally, by sterile hot air atomizing residual hydrogen peroxide in the bottle out of the bottle. In addition, according to the adjustment of different process parameters change, such as temperature, hydrogen peroxide dosage and sterilization cycle, the attenuation rate of sterilization of the device can be increased from LOG4 to LOG6. How to solve the problem of PET bottle milk products need to avoid light for ESL milk and UHT milk, light barrier is key. If you don't have to light barrier and let the product stored in the light of supermarket freezers, milk can lose about half in the first 12 hours of vitamin B2 nutrients. In addition, the light will damage the protein in milk ingredients, in produce chemical reaction after 2 ~ 4 hours to make the milk to produce a metal taste, also is the so-called & other Light damage to taste & throughout; 。 For PET bottles of milk products, it is particularly important to avoid light. In addition to the bottles of label, there is a more direct and effective avoid light packaging solutions & ndash; — SIG division of parker study found that there are multiple ways to improve the light barrier performance of PET packaging. The commonly used methods are: improve the content of titanium dioxide in PET resin and the use of white + black + white multilayer PET bottle packaging.
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