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Plastic bottle packaging application to market

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-28
With the widely application of the plastic bottle packing in these areas, plastic bottle cap is becoming more and more the importance of it. Plastic bottle cap as an important part in plastic bottle packaging, protect the product quality and shape the personality. Once had many times to buy beverage bottle mold, engaged in plastic mold production for more than ten years, he is sensitive to notice this is a matter of food and beverage safety problem. Ye Zhi after numerous experiments, authorized in 2006 won the state utility model patents, filled the gap of national health standard drinks the sealing structure, and finally in 2010 to apply this technology to the scale of domestic production practice. Plastic caps have two effect, it is a beautiful sex, as an integral part of the plastic bottle packaging, small plastic cap but played the effect that make the finishing point. Second, sealing, with the role of content protection, this also is the basic function of the cap. Today, both light and easy to open the plastic bottle cap is applied to beverage packaging China modern consumers, but also accelerate the development of beverage industry. Recently, a popular name for & other; Good honey, feng & throughout; A new type of cap sealing technology, the national utility model patent after the attention of the industry. The current domestic beverage industry competition is intense, a lot of famous enterprises in improving the quality of products at the same time, are turning to plastic packaging. In order to better meet the personalized needs of products, beverage industry at the same time in the plastic bottle caps, up and down a lot of suppliers are introduced a different function and form of plastic bottle cap, so can not only meet the requirement of product, also bring more choice for end user enterprise, plastic bottle cap status gradually emerged.
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