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PET semi-automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-08
Machine all the equipment structure to fit my scissors, exquisite design, save the place use space and transport costs. Three modules structure, make full use of engineering imitation analysis, make a bottle blowing molding 1 point, 2 point and the oil bottle, jar of 5 l, 1, feed themselves feed table: this kind of condition is comparative headache question, from the point of view of experience if bottle preform ( Embryo) Contrast long cut the length of the component is bigger, then this kind of phenomenon is less contrast. 2, charging not charging: need to see several conditions: 1) , are now hopper no material, if is: demand quick charging; 2) If not, please check to improve machine whether the manipulation of the contactor in the electrical condition. If be the electricity situation, is quick to check the motor in the electric and load condition, because this kind of situation is likely to be the bottle preform ( Embryo) Stuck up belt, when the most short way is artificial help improve; 3) , if see improve machine control contactor is not electricity situation, please check the bottle embryo for magic eye reflex plate is not on the same straight line. 3, the bottle is a task of the orientation of the manipulator is misplaced. 4, after the bottle blowing into cannot be removed from the mold. First mould shall be open, with a manual process, if the normal, in idle running condition, if is normal. Please check your exhaust time Settings, if the exhaust are properly set, and each time takes a bottle blowing trouble, then you can distinguish the exhaust valve of the question, please open exhaust valve for the spring and seal conditions ( This obstacle so still have a kind of phenomenon is the exhaust noise compared to big or not has a net sound) 。 If you meet, is many modules produced by chance to a normal this kind of open mode, please see the lock pin is a section of the screw inside, other, please check the clamping force is too big, if too big shall, in accordance with standards from the beginning to adjust. 5, two mechanical palm collision, this situation needs from manual reset manipulator, brought about because of dislocation.
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