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PET one-step blow molding machine working principle and characteristics

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-20
The PET bottle blowing machine is mainly used for blowing PET plastic materials. It is completed by a series of actions such as feeding, heating, conveying, stretching, and clamping. The blow molding process of the PET one-step blow molding machine is a bidirectional stretching In this process, the PET chains are bidirectionally extended, oriented and aligned, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall, improving tensile, tensile, and impact strength, and having excellent air tightness. Although stretching helps to increase strength, it should not be overstretched and the stretch-to-blow ratio should be controlled. Blowing is carried out between the glass transition temperature and the crystallization temperature, usually controlled between 90 and 120 degrees. In this range, PET exhibits a high elastic state, and it becomes a transparent bottle after being rapidly blown, cooled and shaped. In the blow molding process, there are: stretching—one blow—second blow. The three actions are very short, but they must be well coordinated, especially the first two steps determine the overall distribution of the material and the quality of the blowing. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust well: stretching start timing, stretching speed, pre-blowing start and end timing, pre-blowing pressure, pre-blowing flow, etc. If possible, the overall temperature distribution of the preform can be controlled, and the inner and outer walls of the preform can be controlled. Temperature gradient. In the process of rapid blow molding and cooling, induced stress occurs in the bottle wall. For inflatable beverage bottles, it can resist internal pressure and has advantages, but for PET bottle blowing machines, it is necessary to ensure that it is fully released above the glass transition temperature. PET one-step bottle blowing machine features The drying tunnel and the blowing platform are separated, which reduces the time for opening the mold, improves the blowing efficiency, and increases the output at the same time. 1. The compact design reduces space, reduces production costs and enhances competitiveness. 2. Automatic operation system. 3. Advanced control system, simple and convenient control panel. 4. Independent and simple linear running system. 5. Unique heating system, precise temperature control and easy adjustment. 6. Unique storage device. 7. The cooling system of the PET blow molding machine can achieve the ideal cooling effect. Characteristics of PET raw materials: PET raw materials are milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymers, smooth and shiny in appearance. It has excellent physical machine performance in a wide temperature range, and the long-term use temperature can reach 120 °C. The electrical insulation is relatively good, and the motor can still work normally under high temperature and high frequency, but the corona resistance is poor, and the creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance and dimensional standardization are all good.
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