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PET bottle blowing machine working principle and characteristics

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-11
PET bottle blowing machine features baked road and bottle blowing platform space, reduces the open mold time, improve the efficiency of the bottle blowing, at the same time increased the production. 1. Compact appearance design to reduce the space, reduce the production cost, enhance the competitiveness. 2. Automatic operation system. 3. The advanced control system, simple and convenient control panel. 4. Simple linear operation system independently. 5. Characteristic of the heating system, temperature control precision, mediation is simple. 6. Special storage device. 7. PET bottle blowing machine cooling system can reach ideal cooling effect. The raw material of PET, PET raw white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer, creamy appearance with light. In a wider temperature range has the excellent function of physical machine, used for a long time temperature can reach 120 ℃. Electrical insulation is better, until under high temperature and high frequency, the motor can still work normally, but the corona resistance is poorer, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, frictional resistance, size standard is very good.
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