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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-10
1. Introduction to PET plastic PET plastic is the abbreviation of English Polyethylene terephthalate, referred to as PET or PETP. Chinese means: polyterephthalate plastics, mainly including polyethylene terephthalate PET and polybutylene terephthalate PBT. Polyethylene terephthalate is also commonly known as polyester resin, commonly known as polyester resin. It is a polycondensate of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. Together with PBT, it is collectively called thermoplastic polyester, or saturated polyester. PET recycled plastic can be used on food packaging and can be recycled for unlimited times. This is an environmentally friendly process technology within our reach. Since the raw materials of plastic packaging come from petroleum, in order to save resources, many developed countries have developed recycling and reuse technologies for plastic packaging. As early as 1991, recycled PET plastic chips were used as food packaging materials. 2. The development status of my country's PET plastics At present, my country's polyester pet plastic packaging containers are currently mainly limited to two-way stretch polyester blow molded bottles. Therefore, the following mainly introduces the development status of my country's PET plastics from the development of my country's PET bottles, and lists two examples of leading groups in the PET bottle production industry. China's biaxially oriented polyester blow molding bottle started late in the plastic packaging industry, but since the introduction of the injection stretch blow PET bottle production line from Japan in the 1980s, it has achieved good results in beverage packaging represented by cola , Subsequently introduced a large number of foreign advanced injection stretch blow PET bottle production equipment, and on the basis of digesting foreign advanced technology, developed a two-step PET stretch blow molding machine with independent intellectual property rights, suitable for China’s national conditions, and simple structure. , It is used in conjunction with a general-purpose injection machine to blow PET biaxially stretched bottles using PET preforms made by the general-purpose injection machine. Among the domestic two-step biaxially stretched PET bottle blowing machines, some models can not only produce ordinary PET biaxially stretched bottles, but also heat-resistant biaxially stretched PET bottles. The volume of the products that can be produced basically covers Imported equipment can produce a wide range from small bottles of tens of milliliters to large barrels of 5 gallons. These simple blow molding machines not only have the advantages of low cost and strong maneuverability, but also can produce high-quality and practical two-way stretch PET blow molding with proper control. Therefore, they have been universally recognized by the plastic processing industry at home and abroad. In addition to a large number of domestic use, some have been exported. Although there are still gaps between these equipment and imported advanced equipment in terms of low production efficiency, poor automation, and poor product dimensional accuracy, there are still certain difficulties in the application of some particularly strict application fields. In addition, the production equipment for multi-layer co-blown PET bottles is yet to be developed in China, but the development and utilization of the domestic two-step biaxially stretched PET bottle blowing machine has played an important role in promoting the rapid development of PET bottle production. . At present, my country’s PET bottle production enterprises include not only large-scale backbone enterprises with the most advanced PET bottle automatic production lines manufactured by well-known companies in the world, but also a large number of simple and practical use of various degrees of automation designed and manufactured by my country. Small and medium-sized enterprises of the type two-way PET blow molding machine present an unprecedented situation of flourishing and thriving. With the rapid development of PET bottles, the production of bottle-grade PET resin in my country has also developed rapidly. The mainstream products of domestic PET bottles were initially limited to packaging containers used for beverages such as cola, mineral water, and distilled water. In applications, their excellent performance and reasonable price were generally welcomed by users, and they were successfully packaged in these beverages. Based on the application, in recent years, PET bottles have been expanded in heat-resistant bottled beverages such as black tea, green tea, fruit juice, edible oil, cosmetics, medicine, pesticides and other industries. my country's PET bottle plastic molding equipment has great development prospects. At the same time, we should see a large gap between PET bottle plastic molding equipment and industrialized countries. With the internationalization of the market today, domestic PET bottle injection molding equipment, if there is no technical advantage in performance, the equipment developed can only be used as an exhibit, not as a commercial PET bottle blow molding production process. Polyethylene terephthalate The production of ester (PET) blow-molded bottles can be divided into injection stretch blow molding and extrusion stretch blow molding according to the different preforms of the parison. In these two molding methods, because the injection stretch blowing process is easy to control, the production efficiency is high, and the waste and defective products are less, so they are more versatile. PET blow-molded bottles can be divided into two categories, one is pressurized bottles, such as bottles filled with carbonated drinks; the other is non-pressurized bottles, such as bottles filled with water, tea, oil, etc. The tea beverage bottle is a modified PET bottle blended with polyethylene naphthalate or a composite bottle of PET and thermoplastic polyarylate. It is classified as a hot bottle with heat resistance above 80°C; a water bottle is a cold bottle. There is no requirement for heat resistance. The hot bottle is similar to the cold bottle in the forming process. The author mainly discusses the forming process of pressurized beverage bottles in cold bottles.
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