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Our country present situation and development direction of blow molding machines

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-04
Our country present situation and development direction of blow molding machines packed hollow blow molding machine is main equipment of forming hollow container, 80% to 90% of the hollow container is in the world using extrusion blow forming. In the development of our blow molding machines, extrusion hollow blow molding machine is the most fastest growing perfect blow molding machines, especially small squeezed the development of hollow blow molding machine is particularly fast. Now, we have already had more than 1000 l single hollow container manufacturer can produce forming of hollow blow molding machine. Sharing multilayer extrusion blow molding machines multi-layer extrusion blow molding machines is a very promising blow molding machines. Multi-story hollow blow molding high barrier property products in the hollow products within the territory of the proportion of larger and larger. Multilayer blow molding products not only in the food packaging industry to develop quickly, and in the chemicals, cosmetics, medicine and health care, and other industrial packaging is also growing fast. Multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding machines in the crowded field of hollow blow molding machine in our country is a weak link. Multi-layer co-extrusion hollow products to promote the development of the development of multilayer in extrusion blow molding machines. Internationally, in recent years, the multi-layer extrusion blow molding machines for the development of fast, while technological progress soon. There are also some domestic varieties introduced, for example, hengyang huayi development HYB - mechanical rubber machine co. , LTD 75 d three layers of the extrusion double location within the mold labeling blow molding machines, using four die double location, equipped with precise integration PID temperature control system, the screw extrusion pressure real-time detection, automatic to flash, precise Siemens full computer control in the case of permeability resistance does not affect the products quality decrease the thickness of the middle and inner ( 0. 03 - 0. 05mm) To fill the domestic blank. Shaanxi packaging plastic machinery factory can produce 500 l of extrusion blow molding machines, six layer to achieve the level of the same machine in Germany.
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