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One out of six fully automatic blow molding machine is ready to go

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-09-07
Recently, the 15000BPH filling line has been tested, and the initial effect is not bad. I will share it with you. One out of six fully automatic blow molding machines are ready to go. Glittering in the sun. The hot orders made the workshop look a little bloated. Our engineers carefully planned and formulated the entire test area, and then rolled up our sleeves and did it. First test, it looks good! The entire water line has always been a multi-step process, starting from blowing the bottle.——filling——Sleeve label——Packaging, the whole work has strict requirements and needs to be carefully confirmed. A whole waterline is not only a test of technology and time, but more importantly, the craftsmanship. On a waterline, even a single screw can't be careless, and it is an existence that affects the whole body. Blow molding machine machinery has always believed that it is the best to do it, and the small screws are well confirmed, so that our technology and craftsmanship will become our best business card!
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