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Multifunctional molding innovation of stretch blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-21
The molding speed of the blowing machine is the primary parameter of the processing capacity, and it is the main goal that the blowing equipment strives to pursue. ECOBLO rotary blow molding machine manufacturers optimize the heating system to reduce heating time, improve the speed of preform running and conveying, improve the performance of rapid and stable positioning of preform, shorten mold opening and closing and blow molding head lifting time, increase molding cavity Increase the single-mode output and total output. The single-mode production capacity of 1700 pieces per hour has reached the international advanced level. Ordinary rotary stretch blow molding machines can only form cold-filled PET containers, with single function and narrow application. Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. uses the independent innovation and research and development of linear stretch blow molding machine forming PP bottle technology, combined with the characteristics of the rotary stretch blow molding machine, developed the technical equipment for the rotary stretch blow molding machine to form PP bottles, for the The stretch-blow molding of medical large infusion bottles and irrigating liquid bottles of PP material provides high-tech equipment, which is not only suitable for stretch-blow molding of PET bottles, but also suitable for stretch-blow molding of PP bottles. Independently innovated and developed the oil/water three-way distributor suitable for stretch blow molding hot-filling bottles, hot-filling and blowing molds, and hot-mold blowing stations, so that users can quickly replace the relevant devices for hot-filling. Stretch blow molding for bottling achieves multi-purpose functions in one machine.
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