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Mineral water process, bottle blowing machine-professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-05
Jinyi Machinery provides you with a bottle blowing machine. Let’s take a look at the process flow of the bottle blowing machine. 1. Mechanical filter The mechanical filter mainly uses quartz sand as the basic filter material to filter, and the purpose is to remove sediment, manganese, rust, etc. in the water. Larger particles of impurities. 2. Adsorption filter Adsorption filter generally uses activated carbon as a filter to reduce the hardness of the water and remove the chlorine content in the water and other substances that may be harmful to the human body. 3. Security filter The security filter is a precision treatment process to prevent particles above 0.22μm in the pipeline from entering the intermediate water tank. The primary filtration is 5.0μm, the secondary filtration is 1.0μm, and the tertiary filtration is 0.22μm. 4. Ultrafiltration process Ultrafiltration filtration is a membrane separation process. Ultrafiltration uses a pressure active membrane to trap water colloids, particles and substances with relatively high molecular weight under the action of external driving force (pressure), while water and small The separation process of the solute particles through the membrane. Through the micropore screening on the membrane surface, substances with a molecular weight of 3x10000-1x10000 can be retained. 5. Bromate treatment system Bromate is a toxic by-product that is inevitably produced in the process of large quantities of ozone used by various drinking water industry manufacturers for sterilization. Since the national drinking water standards have very strict requirements on the total number of bacterial colonies, bromate, an inorganic disinfection by-product produced by the use of ozone to disinfect public drinking water, is a potential carcinogen classified as 2B by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The limit of bromate in mineral water in my country is 0.01mg/L.
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