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Mineral water bottle blowing machine before use

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-29
Mineral water bottle blowing machine mainly used for mineral water bottle blowing machine equipment, it can be plastic particles or ready to bottle embryo through a certain process means blowing into the bottle, in life for people brought convenient use different shapes of plastic bottles, bottle blowing machine mainly adopts the oilless air clamping technology to operate, not only large clamping force, and toggle running into force, long service life, less when people use the bottle blowing machine should be how to operate to use more simple, convenient, prolong the service life of bottle blowing machine? 1, when people in the use of bottle blowing machines should be carefully check the bottle blowing mechanical and electrical source and control system, heating system, etc. , are in normal state, and for part of the need to add the lubricating oil, we need to add the right amount of lubricating oil, ensure the normal use of the equipment and operation. 2, in the use of bottle blowing machine should also be accurate install on the bottle blowing machine, mould for the button is on the correct side also want to look at, and also need to start, according to the requirements of the debug or run, determine the machine is running and working in normal circumstances. Automatic bottle blowing machine specific operation steps 1 and bottle blowing machine in operation should be first to place the bottle embryo in embryo bottle container, and then in the machine through the conveying device will automatically according to the bottle embryo into the automatic positioning device, then the embryo bottle mouth up, loaded into the embryo bottle holder into the drying tunnel. 2, after heating, bottle embryo will be sent to blow flattening machine clamping, again after the low pressure and high pressure attenuation rule out gas, finally open mode, people can from the automatic bottle blowing machine molding will be the platform of the bottle to be taken.
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