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Mineral water bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-18
The high-speed blow molding machine for mineral water bottles adopts Japan's Mitsubishi touch-screen computer, which has stable performance and simple operation. German FESTO and Japanese SMC pneumatic components are selected; Reasonable, this series of blow molding machines has a fault alarm and diagnosis system, which makes maintenance more convenient; the blow molding machine adopts an environmentally friendly design, and a non-toxic conveyor belt conveys the preforms. Mineral water bottle high-speed blow molding machine features 1. High production efficiency. 2. Patented preform loading device. 3. It is suitable for producing PET bottles with a capacity of less than 2L. Up to 5500-6000 bottles per hour. 4. Advanced PLC control system and touch panel with convenient operation. 5. The PLC system can store up to 30 sets of blowing parameters. 6. This series of linear blow molding machine has a reliable multi-sensor system to monitor the fully automatic function of the machine. 7. Special air storage unit equipment. 8. Precise infrared heating unit, the lamp tube is convenient to adjust the mechanical design. 9. The cooling system can provide good cooling effect. 10. Compact design saves space. 11. Simple installation and operation.
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