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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-08
Purpose: To better serve customers, smooth production, and fully create value for customers. Participants: The main body of communication is the person in charge of business or on-site construction. The main body of execution: the person in charge of on-site installation and construction (engineer is the first priority) The person in charge) declares: Before the bottle blowing machine is installed, debugged and delivered, the equipment is within the scope of work of Jinyi Machinery, and Jinyi Machinery is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment before it reaches the delivery standard. The customer’s suggestions, maintenance, and transformation After delivery, the customer is responsible for all the consequences, and all matters before delivery are handled by Jinyi Machinery. The customer must assist and obey the guidance of the person in charge of on-site construction, training arrangements, etc. If you have any objections, please contact the business. The guidance and suggestions of the person in charge of construction shall not be changed and assigned at will. Installation and entry conditions: water, electricity, and gas must be in place (according to the subcontracting agreement). If the basic conditions cannot be provided within three days after the engineer enters the site, the person in charge of construction has the right to leave the site, and enter the site after the conditions are in place. Air tickets will be generated during the period Accommodation and other expenses are the responsibility of the client. Contact the company if there are other arrangements. Living conditions: Based on the principle of safety, hygiene and health, humanity and humanity as the principle, provide basic living standards, maintain private space for equipment installation, and do not accept other patchwork lifestyles such as living together with customers’ family members. Standard of accommodation: 200 per day at home and US$50 per day abroad. Living standards are based on the living standards of local engineers. Work discipline: The equipment installer is based on the principle of serving customers, and must not engage in quarrels or disputes with customers. Issue discussions should be communicated with the company in written or written form. If there is a stalemate or there are equipment concerns, they can stop transferring to other work and disputes. Dianjiao company communicates and solves with customers. Work progress report: Every day, there must be written reports on progress and missing items, and items that need to be matched, and plans for tomorrow's work arrangements and plans are required to facilitate communication and grasp the progress. Technical assistance: In case of technical problems, contact the person in charge of the relevant department. The person in charge of the relevant department is obliged to help the on-site construction personnel to solve the technical difficulties and troubleshoot. However, on-site construction personnel need to maintain a learning attitude, be modest, and self-improvement. They must be able to fully grasp the principle of the blow molding machine to solve the fault. This is an essential quality for on-site construction personnel, and the rest are not obliged to provide free assistance. For unclear matters, we will notify Zhangjiagang Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd. July 22, 2017
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