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Market Demand for Ocean Balls and Choice of Ocean Ball Blow Molding Machines

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-23
The ocean ball pool is a large toy for children, which is very suitable for lively occasions, parks, children's playgrounds, kindergartens and so on. The marine ball pool is durable in structure, bright in color and very safe. It brings a feeling of safety, liveliness and happiness to children. Fitness and entertainment are integrated into a comprehensive children's amusement project. Ocean balls generally use non-porous blow molding technology. Ocean balls have pores, but the distribution of pores is very small. During the production process, the plastic dissolves at high temperature and flows into the mold for clamping, blowing, and mold opening to form a sphere. You can choose the 3-5L automatic blow molding machine that can not only blow ocean balls, but also can be used with soy sauce pots, detergents, cosmetics, medicine bottles, etc., just replace the mold. The station can be fully automatic and zero labor.
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