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Maintenance of automatic blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-11
Maintenance and maintenance tips of the automatic blow molding machine: There is no feeding position for feeding, and different types of conditions need to be checked. 1. Is it because the silo has run out of material? If so: You need to put the ingredients in quickly. NO: Make sure the bucket elevator's working AC contactor is powered. 2. If powered on, this may be caused by the preform (blank) attached to the improvement, so make sure the motor is powered on and loaded quickly. An easy way is to support improvements through manual servicing. 3. If the control AC contactor of the bucket elevator is not energized, please check the preform to ensure that the electric eye and the reflector are not parallel. Only by performing correct maintenance on a daily basis can the blow molding machine have a good life. The daily maintenance of the blow molding machine can ensure the healthy operation of the equipment. Today, I will tell you how to maintain the manipulator of the blow molding machine: 1. Check whether the tightness of the synchronous belt is appropriate. 2. After running for a period of time, adjust the running speed of each action again. 3. Check whether the negative pressure sensor can work normally. 4. Whether the interlock between the manipulator and the blow molding machine is normal. 5. Check whether the bolts and wires of all parts of the manipulator are loose. 6. Regularly wipe the dust and oil on the equipment. 7. The sanitation inside the control box of the blow molding machine should also be cleaned, and check whether the components and plugs are loose.
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