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Maintenance method of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-01
Maintenance methods of the blowing machine: (1) Whether the clamping device is normal and reliable. (2) Check whether the heating coil (heating plate) is firmly fixed and whether the wiring is short-circuited. (3) Check the motor oil pump, piping and valves for oil leakage and water leakage. (4) Check the liquid level of the fuel tank. (5) Check the flow of cooling water and mold cooling medium. (6) Check whether there is abnormal noise in the motor oil pump, piping, valve, etc. (7) Check the oil temperature. After the machine starts running for a few hours, the temperature of the hydraulic oil is generally in the range of 35℃-50℃. (8) Check whether the system pressure is normal. (9) Check whether the extruder components, manifold components and die are leaking glue. (10) Check whether the guide rod of the closing cutter assembly is worn, whether the gap between the front cutter and the rear cutter is appropriate, and whether the cooling effect of the cutter is appropriate. (11) Check the pneumatic system for problems. (12) Check that the central lubrication system is sufficient to lubricate each moving element. (13) Check whether the safety gate limit switch is in good condition and whether the trigger is normal. If it is not normal, it cannot be turned on. (14) Check whether the main oil circuit on-off valve and the spool feedback input are triggered normally. If they are not normal, they cannot be started. The above is the maintenance method of the blow molding machine.
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