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Machinery keeps improving and making continuous progress, blow molding machine-machinery professional production

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-07
Strive for excellence and continuous progress. Today, when the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce, the products performance and after-sales service are no longer just competition among enterprises. The internal system and coordination mechanism of enterprises are also very important. How to make communication between various departments smoother, reduce costs, and how to make production operations more efficient and timely has also become the goal of every manager. In the past ten years, Jinyi has not only continuously innovated in the design and performance of the bottle blowing machine, but also spent ten years to continuously improve the efficiency of internal coordination and cooperation according to its own situation. To this day, it is still in Continuous improvement and lean internal strength. Starting from the rack, it has its own number until the machine is completed. Not only is there a general production table in the equipment workshop, but each blow molding machine also has its own detailed 'identity information'. Knowing that the machine is fully produced and debugging is completed, and the final completion mark is affixed, the machine is qualified and ready to leave. This is a relatively simple cooperation and communication between Jinyi's sales department and production department. Even with a relatively complete mechanism and system, it still needs to be continuously improved according to reality and customer requirements. For the operation of the entire enterprise, of course there will be more complex cooperation and coordination relationships. Jinyi will continue to improve its own strength as always to provide customers with high-quality products.
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